Today the woman is strong yet supportive, independent yet homely, shining yet mellow and dominating yet submissive. For her, everything else takes a back seat when it comes to the people she loves at the same time she is ambitious enough to sort her priorities and knows how to juggle everything awesomely. This is the charming write up about today’s lady that will keep you engaged till the last word.
So, what is it that today’s girl look for in their life-partner when they finally decide to settle down;
1. Compatibility
The first thing we will talk about in this charming write up about today’s lady is compatibility. When you understand your woman, from her face that she is happy or upset that is compatibility. When your mom is saying something to your would-be partner and you know this will upset her that is compatibility. You as a partner should learn to handle such awful situations which will happen before the wedding day and take the toll on both of you.Marriage is tough and the sample test comes as wedding preparations, it’s overwhelming, intimidating and tedious.Compatibility needs deep understanding and support. Boy, be reliable if she wants you to stick around. Learn to make that extra effort when she needs you but can’t say this to you.

2. Confidence

A young independent woman will always look for a confident man as her life-partner. The flare to carry himself confidently and be outrightly the most admired gentleman in the crowd is a must for you dude. If she is a woman of strong mind, she will not feel insecure about owning the best guy around. In fact, she will feel proud to have such a guy who is not only charming, stylish smart and confident but can be a fun too. Women like men who are strong and capable enough to handle her in the worst situations.3. Respect

The women of today, are taught to follow her dreams and achieve them too! Admire your lady for these thoughts and respect her dreams. Sometimes, a woman is a child from inside and she may have funny fears but walking away or making fun of those thoughts is the worst thing a man can do.
Better is to pamper her at that moment, but later on, you can make her understand and make her deal with her unwanted fears, which would make a good foundation of any successful marriage.

4. Patience

A mature marriage means a lot of patience in the worst scenarios of life. Therefore, patience is another quality a woman desires in her future life-partner. There will be times when situations might go out of control that is where patience and presence of mind will play very important role. If you are attuned to your partner’s feelings then it shows respect, caring, and love and same will be reciprocated.

5. Independence
She needs her independence, interference is the worst thing. The best way is to get involved in her life by talking about her daily life and discussing things which are being valued by both partners. Similarly, you need to be independent too. Stop being a man who is waiting for her lady to serve food when she is busy in office meetings. For a male, your independence reflects from your thoughts and the opinion that you carry. Women don’t like introvert and dull men, who lack the motivation to speak when needed. Be a guy who has passion and goals in life and simultaneously handle home with her. Gender roles are not same as 20 years ago, cooking and handling household chores is now a collective effort for the new generation.Let’s change with the time.

Marriage is a huge decision, a leap of faith. A young woman leaves her house, her family to become a part of a new family of which she has very little idea about. She deserves a life-partner who understands her and knows where she is coming and makes her life even more beautiful than before. Hey, Guys! Help her get adjusted, help her understand the family she is now a part of, maintain that required balance between her old and new family and be there to support her and her ambitions. Of course, don’t forget her parents too, so be there as you expected her to be with your parents. Today, things are changing and girl’s parents are staying with their daughter and son-in-law if needed.Her parents are also getting old as yours.They need support and care as your parents need.
Don’t make a fuss over these issues because husband-wife works as a team against the life odds.


Sincere thanks to Deepti Chawla for giving real-life inputs and making this write-up a great read.

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