A young woman's thoughts on nostalgia, growing up, stress and success

On this woman’s day, we bring you the story that will take you through the journey of nostalgic childhood and life’s struggle as you grow up. Read this young woman’s thoughts on nostalgia, growing up, stress and success


Life Achievement is not life’s earnings alone.

Success is what we do for others and contribute to society instead of collecting stuff only for ourselves. Success is the synonym for how and what we do.


Everyone has different passions; it may range from their hobbies to things one wants to achieve.

Passion is not what we want to do for some time but a long-term ambition that needs committed focused action with all your heart, mind, and body.

In my growing up years, I had many hobbies, which, according to me, were my passion like painting, sketching, singing, and writing.
In retrospection of growing years, I have never made many friends, I selected friends whom I could talk to and felt comforted and trusted.
My parents were very supportive and thought that I would become an artist or a painter or sketcher.

I don’t belong to a rich background to get any assistance for any business. Your hard work, grit, and consistent efforts will take you to your goal. I had never thought that I would venture into business, but I embraced it wholeheartedly.

People in business with passion are like magnets, attracting like-minded people, supporters, and enthusiasts. Business-oriented people think hard, weigh all the consequences from customer’s point of view too and take decisions instead impulsively doing things. Success requires a lot more than intelligence, common sense, leadership, honesty, and a lot of courage.

Nowadays, the passion is just a brand of clothes and watches.
As a working woman, I have observed passions change daily for people. One needs to set the goal and work accordingly to achieve it. The vision keeps you going; sometimes, you will like to quit but keep walking. Success doesn’t come in one day; working hard is necessary and keep your passions alive too. You have to fight with negative thoughts daily to materialize your dream. Keep faith in your God and yourself.

Sometimes I also feel that I should stop, but my dreams never let me finish. Be passionate, keep goals in sight, and push yourself every day. Sure enough, you will not like your work and Monday, too, but keep going.

Aisha Shaina

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