The March has already started and the summer vacations isn’t that far. Your children would already have started planning for the summer vacation trip. Why don’t you surprise them this summer vacation by taking them to the awesome places via air travel! It will also save your time. If you are worried about the airfare, then here are some economical air travel tips by Puneet that can help you save a good deal of money and hassles!

So what are you waiting for? Save money while booking your air tickets as you travel around. Here are some handy and quick tips.

  1. Book Early : It’s a thumb rule that the early you book the better prices you will get and tickets become expensive near the travel dates. I would suggest book at least 20-25 days in advance for domestic travel and 45-60 days for international travel.
  2. Non Refundable : We all know that non-refundable tickets are cheaper so if we have confirmed plan always book a non-refundable ticket.
  3. Search offers/promo : Today every company wants to lure its clients by giving various offers and airlines are no different. Before booking tickets search for the promo/offers running by travel websites or preferred airlines and avail the same to save some bucks. Few credit card companies and banks also have tie-ups and customers get a discount if tied up bank or credit card is used for the payment.
  4. Avoid weekends: If you are flying for leisure than please avoid Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday as these dates are preferred for working class to travel to their desired destinations as it helps them save their leaves. I would suggest the best day to travel is Wednesday as it’s in the middle of the week.
  5. Use Local Airlines/low-cost airlines : On international travel try to book tickets in their local airlines as they are little cheaper or use low-cost airlines which generally operates from a domestic terminal and saves on government taxes. This saving of taxes by airlines helps them to give tickets at a cheaper price. Like Flydubai for Dubai, Indigo and Go Air for India, Lion Air for Singapore and Indonesia last but not the least Air Asia for Malaysia.
  6. Book Round trip : If possible always try to book the round trip as it helps in saving make sure you book a round trip from same airlines or partner airlines to avail the best benefit.
  7. Enroll Frequent flyer : It’s a loyalty program wherein every time you fly from selected airlines you get points and same are added under your frequent flyer number. Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem it and avail discounts on tickets or on other associated partners. Recently I got a free air ticket to Delhi, courtesy points accumulated. Means it pays well in the long run when you are associated with one airline.
  8. App booking : These days companies want the passengers to book the tickets from apps and have a special tariff for app booking like wavier of convenience charges etc. So I would suggest that one should book the tickets using App.

As the Summer bacation approaches, your travel is on the cards, plan smartly for that great trip of your life with your children. Bonjour! Hope you liked this insightful article on the economical air travel tips.

Puneet (Nomad Traveller)

…Is a traveler who has made more than 500+ air bookings till his domestic and international travel. MBA and Engineer by qualification working for an eminent MNC, with a love for observing how and what people do. Stayed in vivid countries over the last 10 years he has a zeal to explore more about the world and meet different people across the globe.

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