We Indians, especially the ones who grew up in the golden 90’s when the whole country was undergoing a social and economical transformation, grew up with the belief that a boy and a girl can’t be friends, needless to say why!To change this belief, we needed to grow up, both literally and figuratively; as we did, we came to realise how very important it is to have the blissful experience of having a best friend from the opposite sex, especially after marriage. This article tells why husband and wife should be best friends to make their relationship more rewarding.

The internet is full of long (and boring) articles about how best friends from opposite sex can destroy your marriage. Swear to God, that’s exactly the word used there. However, we like to believe that a marriage built on the foundation of love and faith doesn’t need to be afraid of anything, let alone a platonic relationship from before your marriage.

Here’s why we think a marriage without a best friend from the opposite sex is a marriage that could have been better.

  • They are your gateway to emotions of the parallel gender
    Long before you were able to understand what love is, you have loved your best friend. Honest to God, you would not be able to understand what your partner feels without the gyaan from your cross-sex best friend.
  • They give you a different perspective in life
    Being able to know that the world is not always how you think it is, and different things could have different meanings for two individuals, your life changes for better. This perspective is gained only when you have a best friend from the opposite gender.
  • You can always go back to them for advice
    You are going to have fights with your partner, that’s for sure. Just to be sure that you know when it’s your mistake and what to do when it’s not, you have to have a cross-sex best friend.
  • They can make your love life special
    After all, only a person from the opposite sex can tell you what your partner would want from you beneath that hunky dory perfect relationship. These little advices can go a long way in making your love life special.
  • They help you maintain your sanity
    Three words: Marriage Isn’t Easy! However, it can still be managed without fights if you have a cross-sex best friend with whom you can sit down and talk it out, much before you do the same with your partner. Best part, they would not judge you! Worst part, you might get spanked in case it’s your fault.
  • Your go-to counsellor for everything
    Had a fight with your spouse? Can’t understand why they are upset? Need to buy a gift to make up for a forgotten birthday? Your best friend would be the right person you can turn to for literally every advice you need for your marriage, and they would do it simply over a cup of coffee. Best counselling session ever!

There, we defied everyone who says that a bestie from the opposite gender can destroy your marriage. If anything, you can save a failing relationship with the help from someone who knows how your partner must be feeling.

Real friendship has anyway never done any bad to anybody after all, What do you say?


Anonymous (INDIA)
The author of this article is a mommy and also a working professional. She likes to write about relationships and life in general.
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