Who do you call an Angel… anyone who comes and spreads happiness and love around without any reason…
So this is a story of a family where relationships are abused, twisted, always criticize and overall environment of the home is full of negativity within the modern sophisticated apartment. The fight was the regular phenomenon in this home if some work is done by a family member, and other family members know how to find faults in the task done.
This angel was residing next door; she was living as a nuclear family with her kid and hubby. Her hubby used to remains on tours most of the times and she has ample of time with her. This angel made lots of friends but she often hears the fights and cries within this family. Initially she thought to ignore and to stay away, as she has no business to interfere in this family, and secondly, she cannot say that your voices are so loud that everything is heard clearly in my home as well.
Often she used to feel so shattered that why it is so important to criticize others within the family and why cannot we just love our family. One day, she met the lady of the house in the lift and angel said: “hello aunty”. The lady replied back and that’s when she realized this is the time and initiated the conversation, she said, I live in Fl. No… which is next to your flat. The lady said, it’s good we have lovely neighbors like you. Do let us know if you need something, the angel replied sure aunty; I’ll surely come to have tea with you sometime. The lady replied, “yes why not”. Deep down the lady was under the notion, who will come to our house we are already negatively famous in our block.
But this angel rang the doorbell the next day in the evening and brought her kid along. She knew no one was expecting her, but she sat and started to speak about where about and many general topics, just to have a general introduction to her. The lady introduced her to the rest of the family members and she served tea to the angel, the angel left that day after small chit chat and tea.
She made sure that now she will visit this family, often and she started coming almost every alternate day. The family started feeling strange and they started criticizing this angle as well for her uninvited visits. But still, this angel made it a point to go and laugh with this family.
WHY did this angel go to this house when she knows there is lots of negativity around? Further when she is been framed negatively by this family. This angel has so many friends in the society still, the angel goes.
I think it’s that she wanted to bring some happiness to this family, without any real benefit. She could have avoided as most of us do on a daily basis, saying it’s none of our business… but she didn’t do so. As we say, let’s do our bit of good, and her she was doing it.
This angle is now settled in some other country but left some beautiful memories to think about for this family. The family is still the same….. May God bless this family!
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