On 2nd October 2017, I started working at my current workplace, ‘Enforcement Affiliates Pvt. Ltd.’. It was just another office with warm employees and their caring heads. But just as there’s always this one person who stands out in the crowd and impacts you like no one else ever can, there was one in my office too. This special place was held by my boss’s wife and the director of the company, Gunjan Ma’am. The epitome of kind-heartedness and generosity, she is the sweetest person I have ever met in my life. This story shows how a Boss’s wife helps employees grow with motherly care friendly support.

I have always been an introvert who never went out of the way to talk to people and stayed in my own little shell. Which is why I never initiated a talk with Gunjan Ma’am? If by chance I had to talk to her, I’d never have the guts to make eye contact. My co-workers, however, were very frank with her but two years down, I’m still the same!

She is endowed with every characteristic of a good leader – she is mature, amenable, wise and courteous. She is the personification of an encyclopedia with so much information running within her all the time. When she walks into the office, the air turns more lively. Her absence dulls down the energy she’d pump in. I spend most of my office hours working with her but when she’s not there, working alone feels heavy. I am used to being with her.

Gunjan Ma’am doesn’t believe in being formal with her employees. She’s both – a mother talking about life and, a friend with incessant support. I was a baby when I joined. She introduced me to the complexities of the real world. The most attractive thing about is her simplicity and her soothing voice is the thing I love the most.

Our relationship is based on trust which holds it strong and tight. Our bond has always been professional, yet we are amicable. She has always been nice to me. She is my confidante. The bond we gleefully endure doesn’t have a specific name, she is all in one – my mother, my sister, and my best friend. I have always obeyed Gunjan Ma’am for I know she’ll never guide me through the wrong path. Whatever she’s chosen for me until now has turned out fruitful. She knows me better than I know myself.  Gunjan Ma’am commands authority which is influential like no one else. I have been told to mend my ways by many people but it’s different with her. She makes me listen to her and get better at whatever I do.

The hues of our bond deepened with time. Now I can share everything with her, so much so that sometimes I even forget she’s my boss’s wife! We have been honest with each other about our likes and dislikes. She even told me that she likes my work. However, I still haven’t been able to gather the strength to tell her that I look up to her and how much she means to me. Once or twice, she even lashed out, but that was genuine.

Just like how there’s evil with the good, negative with the positive, she is the centre of gossip as well. At the office, there are people who bad mouth her for her work. My heart would bleed when I heard them speak ill about her but my respect for her has remained unaffected. She is much beyond her persona in the minds of gossipmongers.

In the corporate world, one is always in a dilemma about whom to trust and whom not to. I was too. I would weigh relations on the parameter of whether I’ll be able to do justice to them. But there was something about Gunjan Ma’am. It was as if the stars had aligned in the perfect pattern, assuring me how blissful it is going to be. It indeed is! I’m blessed to have met her and all I want to do is thank Almighty for showering His grace on every relationship that I  have shared so far with the people I’ve known.

Admert Adi (INDIA) Our storyteller
…is a born Engineer, completely in love with screw, nails, and hammer! He has creatively crafted several engineering models. A Regional Manager with ATEG. His all-time favorite lines is “Admert hu, adi hu… I can’t change for anyone”. Means I am Admert, I am Adi… But I will not change for anyone. Who has now changed with the situation, is brave and smart enough to understand the situations and circumstances and can adapt, rather than cribbing about life, is courageous enough to do something about it.


Our Story editor…

Is Kavya Mukhija is a student of Psychology, a writer, a calligraphy artist, and a creative content creator! She loves traveling and exploring new places. Always dressed with a smile, she considers spreading happiness a good deed. Last and the least, she is a woman with a disability who believes that more than the disability, it is the negative perception towards ‘disability’ which is actually disabling.


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