LOVE doesn’t let you come out of it alive. It tests you fiercely. Its rare calling made for luckiest ones.
I found someone beautiful, funny, foodie and energetic.You were already chosen and wanted you always with me like my inseparable shadow.

We were in love and made love, she became my woman and cried on my chest in the darkness. The first time I made her smile, it brightened me up. The first time I hurt her, she went mad by making sure that I got bothered by her absence.

We both loved in the world of fantasies and feelings.

“Her fantasies, his feelings.Thus story ”

We were sides of the coin.

Love“One side is her and the other side is him.
The coin is the LOVE.”

How far could we survive love?  It has its own stones, debris, and different storms.

“With you beside me, I am myself.”

We were trying to avoid breakup but the world was cruel.
They wanted to know about us everything, every juicy detail but never ready to share their own private stories. Who was the bitch and who was the crueler?

I fabricated an evil story and they assume you as the bad bitch.
It took me a very good time to analyze what’s happening and why it’s happening.
You were right about me…

“He nibbles my chin and crushes my heart, both at same time ”

I am with you and wish you good luck.
“Dwell in peace and prosperity… my Love!”

Maybe one day you can read our story in my version, I wish you can read my mind and read my eyes. Those eyes which are still searching you. The faith is undefiant. My mind deters me always but my heart is a free bird! There is still a lot to be said before concluding… 

I.P.Tarun – Our storyteller and writer

…Is an Indian Poet and Author of “oh Kinjal!” – which is about to release. belongs to Hyderabad with a bachelor’s degree. He has worked as a content writer for few start-ups during his initial days of career. Right now he has a firm of his own, yes he is an entrepreneur. With his passion towards writing, he believes in infotainment and contentment and is looking forward to an eternal life by authoring books!

You can drop him a “Hi” at his Instagram page.

Our editor – Deepti Chawla

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