mood swings can happen in both men and women and tips to deal with them effectively

The mood changes – sometimes a good mood and sometimes bad. Do you know that this occurs around 3-4 times daily, even though nothing strange happens around? During the holiday season, emotions drive people; one can observe such frequent mood changes all around. While mood swings can happen in both men and women, we will mention the details about the same and also offer you tips to prevent these mood swings from harming your personality and peace of mind.


To combat such mood swings, millions of Americans depend upon pills. According to a report, in 2011, nearly $11 billion worth of depression medications were sold. For more chronic disorders like manic-depressive illness and hallucinations, another $18 billion worth of drugs was added to revenue.

Besides this, millions of people who are influenced by mild yet uncomfortable moody behaviors tend to make bad decisions like messing with family members or selling a stock that is undervalued. These small mental conditions are usually not brought for medications.

Steven Berglas, a renowned psychologist, practicing for 30 years and also a former professor at Harvard Medical School, has done lots of research on the subject. Berglas provides expert advice to keep malevolent on track and also get rid of it. He has helped several sportspeople and top business people fight the stress and other emotional disturbances out of life.

Practice makes everything perfect, so is the mood. It needs proper training to tame the mood. A person can choose any method to master moodiness, but one needs to do it quickly, as there are chances of agitation coming into the role. Keeping patience is most important, Bergla’s advice.

Have An Analytical View Of What You See

The viewpoint is a prime factor of distress. Two persons observe the same thing in two different ways. The things which do not truly appear to be true to mind and which aid in a change of mood, leading to bad decisions.

Berglas caveats to stay away from these five distortions:

Black & White Thinking

In this type of distortion, people want to be perfect or think of themselves as a failure, no second thoughts. This type of polarized view makes family life disturbed and unsuccessful.

Solution: Humans are not computers that only deal with binary numbers. For everything, map a context to any rough number. If there is a failure in reaching an optimum business level, think of the last accountable big thing in business.

Too Much Generalized Thoughts

Generalized thoughts come out easy, but the inference leads to irrational things like negative thoughts. It builds a base for more mental disturbances.

Solution: Stay away from the old mindset (This can be your’s or of others) built on clueless stats. In the real practical example, a single data point has no meaning until and unless it is combined with others to make a sense. Take the case of sportspersons who don’t quit because of a single mistake.

Forecasting Errors

This mental condition arises when you don’t have information about any particular event, which is very important, and you conclude that the news will always be positive. You have applied for a necessary business license, and when it gets delayed, you feel worried due to no information and console by assuming that news will be okay.

Solution: Do not assume all news are good; try to stay real and practical. Working on a backup plan is a prepared approach; this helps you make wise decisions and will stop you from getting panic.

Generalizing any and every Thing On Personal Grounds

Whenever anything wrong happens to the people around us, we tend to take it on personal grounds. They refer to the specific lousy incident that happened to somebody and conclude that this will happen to them also. It is an example of stealthy distortion.

Solution: Do not react harshly to any situation. Always keep in mind that you are not the center of adverse incidents. Be obliged to Almighty God.

External Influencers

Bad moods are created because of externalization, having no second thought to find the actual source of distortion. A simple real-life example can be a person who has gone overweight. When physician alarms about the situation, one thinks the doctor is preventing from taking favorite food and ultimately indicating to some diabetic condition. The same thing when alarmed by girlfriend becomes a subject of humiliation and agony.

Solution: Do not make simple things crazy. One needs to put forward one’s best effort into the problem. Always try to get the support of your well-wishers instead of disregarding them for the questionable situation.

Act Rather Than Think Your Way

Berglas indicates that one should act your way to come out of a situation rather than think your way.

To understand this fact, let’s learn about the James-Lange theory of emotions, which is developed by renowned psychologists (19th century) William James and Carl Lange. According to this theory, emotions are outcomes of any idea or experience. For example, you hesitate to speak on a stage and face crowd because you tend to stammer. Running out of a situation can change moods.

This theory of emotion also works in a reverse situation. The mood aligns itself with the way our body moves.

In a research study, researchers invited two groups of people and attached false electrodes to their lips and chins. Then they asked one group to make a smiley face while asked the other group to make a sorrowful face. After some time, they handed a comic strip to both groups, and the electrode was taken out. The research concluded that the group with a smiley face enjoyed comic strips more than the group with sad faces. So, this proves that act always drives mind behavior.

Based on the theory, let’s summarize 5 acts that can help you out of bad mood:

Prepare Your Inner Self

There are individual acts like showing boldness. Walk with straight head and body and see in the eyes of the people. According to Berglas, this will help in boosting the inner self, and positive thoughts will develop.  It gets more boosting when you receive admiration from others for your strengths, either by speaking or just a gesture of respect.

Lose Some Weight

Berglas’ advice that is going to the gym is a good act as it boosts your spirits, but to some extent, only. When bad mood arrives, it can spoil vigor and performance, so lose some weight at a time. Yoga heals physically .emotionally and mentally. Yoga increases not only concentration but also inner willpower without telling you so. If done with sincerity, negative thoughts cannot touch you in yoga practice, at least. Balancing poses will increase willpower, and stretching helps to get you into warrior mode; hence, radiance comes from within.

Less Intake Of Drinks

While taking one or two glasses of cocktails can calm the nerves, and people start feeling less anxious. But,  too much of anything can destroy fruitful outcomes. In this case, once the person starts taking more glasses of drink, another distortion conditions appear called dysphoria, which washes away the positive benefits.

Do A Thorough Cleaning

There is some self-defeating mindset like “I won’t be able to complete the task anyhow I try,” which leads to bad moods. One should be away from emotional acts, try to sanitize the old fashioned thoughts. Try by completing a task which you left one year ago. It will boost your mood and provide energy to complete the critical stuff.

Offer A Help

You can offer help to a person, complete a task. As per Berglas, it has two advantages. The first thing is to spent quality time with the person. It helps to overcome the troublesome stuff. Secondly, the feedback of the person boosts up the morale.

Edited with love by Deepti Chawla – Our Editor

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