Mature Relations

Was wondering from where did this sudden maturity pour from? It’s my daily routine which is teaching me to or may be what I have been learning; journey doesn’t tend to end up… Let me accept I don’t change overnight; it’s a gradual series of events and circumstances with which you have to deal on daily basis! Attitude also matters how you are taking these situations.…..But yes definitely am enriching with new ways of discovering more and more maturity…in “being ME” after marriage.Being not convinced is absolutely fine – yes, adjusting was initially difficult, but it’s a new learning process, and it gradually helped me most in communicating in a mature manner. Rather, than fighting, crying, and shouting I try to analyze the situation. Leaving my own comfort zone and moving to the new atmosphere was challenging. Coping up with emotional distress, sudden health issues, break from professional engagement, relocation, etc such a huge list of adjustment… Yes, I was not convinced but it was the affection of our bond which kept me moving, against all odds. Appreciating and respecting each other’s views was impossibly tough but now, I am good with my assumptions and reactions which are mostly, sudden and unwanted but that’s how I am! And, it’s not always required to accept other’s views. But we can appreciate right!

Being expressive doesn’t mean to be vocal – Well I need not sing the same song more often to convey my love, but yes my actions and gestures are sufficient enough to let him know what I feel for him. I realized it’s just you need a hand to hold is more than sufficient. It’s like reading his thoughts running in mind instantly and reciprocating has become our routine. A sparkle in his eyes is enough to understand what actually is going through.

Being Significant isn’t that hard – It seems just yesterday, when I felt am in the utmost phase of maturity committed to my relationship and suddenly realized that there is a difference between a Stable and Mature relationship. Or relationship was sailing well since last more than a year but these months after the marriage has made each other mature towards our commitments and promises we share for each other, I equally realize, it’s okay not to text each other every moment, its trust what we carry for each other.

Being always connected isn’t always required – and I need not change for it. As sharing a lifetime partnership should be an easier task than a more burden of responsibility. Few things go without saying, I accepted my relationship does not need to be a perfect one, but equally, it doesn’t mean that annoying or changing little habits it so far so okay, but not the only agenda or goal to completely fix or change, turn around. Togetherness had created a silent shield of trust where we know we both stand together in all dark situations, jealousy or insecurity has triumph over commitment we make for each other.

Being away from future concerns isn’t needed  Rather than agreeing on every aspect, it is a realization that discussing future is not that scary, it gave light to a new direction of possibilities. A matured relationship doesn’t stop me from planning my future, months ago without stopping me to worry about how will we survive future together. Me being insane earlier bothered me keeping awake all alone than I felt the reasons which were obvious for him to hit the bed early, maybe it’s our daily bio-clock, I also understood that it’s not required to be awake for him, but yes its time which has helped me to realize it being beside him.

When I am mature, I can say that my relationship is also of a matured intellect. Now, down the line, I can see two souls who do not criticize but have learned to grow spiritually and intellectually. Suddenly those arguments become silent nods and life has become a song to chant.

Dr. Suhani (INDIA)
…Is a fun loving passionate swimmer, family oriented professional with over 10+ years of experience in Healthcare Sector and a cook by hobby. She is Doctorate in Organization Management and Organization Leadership from MGU, Delhi. MBA with Specialization in Hospital Administration (Major) and HR (Minor) from AMII. Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery from R.G.U.H.S., Karnataka. Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy from Saurashtra University, Gujarat. Diploma in Emergency Medicine, from R.G.U.H.S., Karnataka.
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