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A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together; it is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences  Dave Meurer

The relationship between husband and wife is always celebrated most than any other relationships. This is because this relationship is built between two strangers who become partners throughout their lives. For some, this partnership is happiness and for some, it is a mere partnership.

Many things influence a good marriage. I would like to discuss the things which I found influential for a good marriage.


The word ‘Respect’ plays a great role in any relationship, in marriage it is the central element of happiness. First, learn to respect each other. Respect for one’s feelings, thoughts, priorities, family, friends, ideas and beliefs is the key to a healthy relationship. Never ignore or underestimate your spouse’s feelings. If the word respect is missing in the book of marriage, then the book cannot be written further. It ends. Respecting each other will be the beginning of a good relationship. The mutual respect will never allow the ego in you to arise.


The relationship becomes stronger when you are true to each other. Always be loyal and faithful to your partner. Once the trust is built, the relationship becomes more transparent. When you can see everything through this transparent wall, suspicious thoughts will never germinate in your mind. When you never doubt your partner then nothing can break or interrupt your relationship.  This makes both of you feel secure and leads to peace and harmony which will nourish a healthy relationship.


The relationship is between husband and wife, so never allow a third man to overtake you. A third person can be your friend, family, colleague or anybody else. Of course, you can take ideas from your well-wishers but before implementing them give priority to your relationship. The decision should be yours and not other’s experiences or conclusions. As everyone has different experiences over the same issue, their thoughts over a particular issue might be different, which may be totally irrelevant to your problem. So, never give space for other’s thoughts, you and your better half can make better decisions.


All smile photographs on FB, well-dressed couples in parties, regular holidaying or picnic, expensive gifts, surprise birthday or anniversary parties etc. doesn’t make a perfect couple or a happy couple.

Never ever compare yourself or your spouse with others. It may lead to a dangerous climax. You are unique so is your spouse. So you do things in accordance to your convenience and capacity. Try to be happy with what you have. Behind the smiles, holidays, gifts and surprises may have some unpleasant stories or may not. So, it is better to ignore other’s fun and concentrate on your spouse’s fun.

If you are not happy with where you are and what you have got, you won’t be happy with where you go or what you get. Happiness is a choice for today. Fawn Weaver

Acceptance and Change

Finding one’s mistakes or weakness is a real easy job but rectifying them is real difficult one. People always choose the easy one. If you choose an easy one you are not going to yield good ones. So, better choose the difficult but good one. All of us are not perfect; all have some flaws, weakness and some negative sides. Your spouse may be one among them, learn to accept as they are. Your acceptance will make you more beautiful as a person and bring closer to your spouse. Try to strengthen them if they are weak, try to correct them if they are wrong and try to motivate them if they feel low.

Accept them as they are and be the change you want them to be.

A great spouse loves you exactly the way you are. An extraordinary spouse helps you grow, inspires you to be, do and give your very best. –Fawn Weaver

Love, Care, and Sex

Love blooms where mutual respect, faith, and acceptance prevails. Love and care go hand in hand, if you love someone, you care for them and care leads to more love. This unconditional love leads to happy marriage.

Passionate sex is great. A passionate marriage filled with passionate sex… so much better. 

Fawn Weaver


Jamuna Rani (INDIA)
…Is a microbiologist turned copy editor, then a homemaker turned a mother and always wished to play with the pen, paper, and words. Giving a sense of a good time to my readers with my words will always be a pleasure. Want to know more click on her photograph
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