You certainly need to understand frustration to handle it efficiently

As we face frustration in everyday life, it is the natural phenomenon which gets generated from daily stresses without fail. In fact, you understand frustration to handle it efficiently. You know, it has different triggers, procrastination, emotional turbulence, illness, the excess of work and interpersonal conflicts with your partner.


“To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.” ― T.F. Hodge

Frustration and its triggers
Seldom our efforts don’t work and we feel stuck with nothing to look forward to. So, frustration is an obvious and normal reaction to vent out the unsettling emotional distress. Stress coming from the demanding job and lack of social support lead to unsatisfaction coming when reward never comes on time. We cannot deny the benefits of positive stress, it pushes you to perform better and whenever the high deadline projects get delivered and we felt relieved, happy and accomplished. So the first thing is the need to understand frustration to handle it efficiently
Why We need to bother ??
Our daily frustrations can be piled up and generally are the triggers to the chronic bad habits. Constant irritation and impatience lead to
  • Overeating
  • Drug usage
  • Overconsumption of alcohol or caffeine
  • Smoking
  • Watching TV endlessly
  • Video Gaming endlessly
All these habits are easy to start but difficult to stop.
Responses to chronic frustrations are :
  1. Anger
  2. Giving Up
  3. Loss of Confidence
  4. Depression
  5. Lossing away to addictions
However, we need to take care of ourselves from these self-sabotaging behaviors. Losing away to addictions is the easiest path to dwell on the failures. Daily life struggles are been there to make you better, not bitter.
Save your Emotional Health
Positive and negative stress create biological changes in the body. Both aid adrenaline production, heart rate and muscle fatigue. Let me share the ways to relieve frustration and mild anxieties:
  1. Crying – Crying helps as emotions cannot be controlled inside for long. It provides a venting out channel for unrealistic emotions and stress. After crying, body, and mind both feel refreshed. Many people who have tried to understand frustration to handle it efficiently can vouch for the efficiency of this method.
  2. Phone a friend -Generally, frustration is difficult to handle alone, calling a friend may help. Discussing the problem with a close friend helps in viewing the problem from a bird’s eye view. So, frustration goes out of the window and taking in charge of situation steps in.
  3. Knowing what triggers and take action -Knowing what creates frustration is extremely important. Is it the pending project or our own procrastination or conflict with a co-worker or tiff in the home? Triggers can be avoided and can be solved by taking the immediate actions.
  4. Long Breathing Exercise -Long breaths help in handling the unsettled stress. If stress is happening often then the deep breathing needs to regular enough to avoid frustrations.
  5. Go for the run -Going for a run or walk helps to de-stress and keep frustration levels down. Physical exercise always de-stresses the body and refreshes the mind.
  6. Hobby – Pursuing a hobby regularly helps to de-stress and keep frustration in control. It keeps mind healthy and focused and gives creativity a channel to grow with a sense of accomplishment. Achievement boosts happiness levels.
  7. Write – Writing de-stresses the mind. Frees the mind from all the distractions and overthinking. Putting all your hate and anger on paper relieves you from mental strain.
  8. Music -Listening to music relaxes the mind and body. It keeps tabs down and helps to think in the different dimension. If the mood is off then turn on your favorite music.
  9. Meditation  – It gives another channel to zone out from daily emotional obstacles. It revitalizes the mind and helps to keep worrying tendencies at bay.
  10. Yoga  – It helps to revitalize the body, increases the concentration and relives the mild depression. Yoga helps to reconnect the mind, body, and soul and keeps you refreshed.

Anxiety VS Frustration

Frustration is generally related to the outcomes of efforts. If efforts are fruitless then frustrations arise. Whereas anxiety is the worry for the future, fears of the unknown. Frustrations disappear as per situations but anxiety stays longer. Usually, anxiety feeds on internal factors, so self-awareness is mandatory.

Everyone suffers from different anxieties in daily life. Frustration generally comes due to daily stress. You know, it increases the anxiety and hampers the productivity. Uncontrolled anxiety and frustration could really mess up the daily life. It is important to handle both emotions. Frustration and anxiety are confused terms and used interchangeably. On the contrary, anxiety is a generalized fear.

The increased anxiety disorder may cause high blood pressure, nausea, and acidity. This further leads to panic attacks and severe heart problems.
Stress hormones create these biological changes in the body. Physical activity or meditation helps us to keep the emotional health in control. Always keep a check on your stress levels. We should know which stresses are overloading the body and forcing the nervous system to explode.
Remember, life is full of pain, loss, sadness, unpredictable events which cause stress, frustration, and anxiety. Acceptance is the only secret to relive the frustration  We have to learn to take all incidents in stride instead of mourning over it for long. Changing your behaviors is a good approach to handle stress and yes, finally, learn to ask for help, whenever needed.
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