AN engaging real life story about fitness trainer, nutritionist, and entrepreneur Mrs. India Earth Diksha Chaabra

We at Storyofsouls try to search for real inspiring stories which leave that substantial impact on the common man’s life and today we bring another story of Diksha Chhabra, a 32-year-old mom from Delhi, crowned Mrs. Earth India 2017-18 and was also titled as Mrs. Body Fit 2017-18 at the Mrs. India Earth Pageant. This great story about the beautiful fitness trainer, nutritionist, and entrepreneur Mrs. India Earth Diksha Chaabra will keep you engaged till the end!

Her story:

Diksha, a common working lady, while she was in her 20’s she got married and was blessed with a child. Juggling between job, motherhood and managing home was for her and she never had thoughts to become a beauty contest winner. Over the years as she stayed occupied with family and life, she kept on adding more weight while ignoring her own health and then on things became much like a cobweb.

But the problems increased when her weight gain affected her health. With the weight of 90 kgs, she struggled with weight-related problems and also health issues were hampering her daily routine. Diksha became irritable and she was losing control of her life. Before she could realize she was suffering from hypothyroidism, PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian disease), weight gain, and hormonal imbalance. She had popped lots of medicines by then but nothing actually worked. Her doctor advised her to lose weight if she really wants to lead a healthy life.

Deep inside her, she also wanted to overhaul her lifestyle and diet, she was actually thinking on these lines from quite some time, but the actual action took place when one of her friends at a college reunion expressed her concern about Diksha’s weight-gain, she was jolted out of her comfort zone at that moment, she decided to eat better and get physically fit. Diksha quit her job and put her entire focus on improving her health.

“A dream doesn’t become Reality through magic; It takes sweat, determination and hard work, there is be no secret to success.”

Her initial target was to lose 5 kgs. weight. The very first thing towards her fitness journey was to have a treadmill at home followed by an absolutely strict diet plan!

While in conversation with ScoopWhoop she said: “I was shy to go out and work out. So I got a treadmill and started doing cardio at home.” Within 8 months, she lost 18 kilograms. But Diksha wasn’t satisfied with the results. Weight loss without right guidance was making her feel weak and then she switched to the professional trainer where she did as advised. Just she chose home diet and protein to support her fitness regime. Soon her hard work paid off and she turned herself into a fit mom.

As she saw results coming in she moved to weightlifting to achieve a toned body and also to remove sagged skin around hands and waist. She learned about strength training too! Talking about diet, Diksha chose for chicken and fish and shifted from being a vegetarian. She did this just to ensure that her protein intake is from the natural sources. With the weight lifts, she was able to lose another 12 kgs.

  • She lost 30kgs weight in 2 years, after having 1 child
  • Became Mrs. Earth India 2017-18 and was Titled as Mrs. Body Fit too!

This was the initial journey that she had, after winning the pageant there wasn’t any looking back for Diksha. She became a successful fitness expert and an entrepreneur, who is having her fitness website from where she takes fitness classes for her national and International clients!

Today, she’s a model, an official coach with Decathlon, a nutritionist and a fitness trainer.

Truly an inspiration for thousands of women who are struggling with similar problems. She encourages all the women around to take their health and fitness seriously.”

With Diksha Chhabra’s story, we can learn that if you are determined then you can achieve anything you wish in your life.

Our story editor Meera AK.

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