It always feels awesome when you see people growing many folds and that too in the social responsibility domain, as someone has rightly said that, “Be human, there is a lot of scope of working there!” This statement has proven absolutely right by these youngsters. At the age of 24, 25, & 26 years, when an average Indian youth is either busy with career or saving money, looking for a partner, or just spending days in playing blame games, binging NETFLIX and AMAZON Prime, last but not the least cribbing about the society, nation, family, relationships, and everyone else around, these guys are actually doing something constructive for the underprivileged people of the society and the mother nature.

We have seen them actually working and also blooming. They work with an inspiring mind which astonishes you to the core and that definitely gives a new dimension to the way we look at life.

A quick recap

With great pleasure, we would love to inform you that we are presenting The Uncivilized Indians Part 2 story on our platform. Yes, for all those who are in love with these handsome, cool, yet spiritual swaggers, you can read their earlier story of limited edition, in our part 1. Where we had covered why they actually started UCI – The Uncivilized Indians, what is their purpose, and how are they planning to bring the needed change in the society.

They had started from scratch in 2017, till now they have more than 2,00,000 followers over Facebook and 37,000 subscribers over YouTube. This is just the tip of the iceberg; UCI guys have worked on various issues rigorously and have expanded from ASSAM to various other cities of India. Now in part 2, we are covering their efforts and how phenomenally they have expanded their wings in such a short stint of time.


Loving thy Nature, Love Thy Society

There is no perfect time to show love and care towards society and nature, as and when you realize you MUST plan to give back to nature, this is the simple yet effective principle followed by team UCI.


Starting from just a handful of students, they now have 60+ young volunteers who are working in different locations selflessly for society. Their NGO is also established by the name of UCI Foundation. Under this NGO, they have various initiatives running in different cities of India.

By now, the human ignorance towards society and nature has already caused enough harm where water crisis and global warming are not far-fetched thoughts but a worst seen reality. It is high time we wake-up and get-up to actually do something about it. Well, we may still be thinking of what to do and how to do, but these youngsters have already paved their way forward by spreading goodness all over by accomplishing their motto by taking care of nature.



 Team UCI is presently working for the following social issues-

  1. Educating slum kids –The Kolkata UCI team headed by – Rohit Rajput Ranjan, who is a student by profession and helps the cause by working part-time in a call center. They are working really hard to help almost 60 students under a flyover to give them education free. This is a self-supported cause so waiting for funds right now.
  2. Planting more trees– Each method is a good method when you see that the people are getting impacted and aware. This is what we can see from the different ways these youth are working. They keep on arranging various awareness camps like women empowerment camps on women’s day and camps to save the environment on the world environment day. After the end of each event, the tree plantation drive is done by the people attending the event. Indeed a great way to spread the right message with embedded actions among the masses.
  3. Developing meaningful and thought-provoking videos– They understand the importance and impact a video has on the youth’s mind, and hence they have created innovative ways to deliver their deep message for the society to realize. You can check out their youtube channel where there are videos on quit smoking, celebrating Labor Day in their special way, how religions are only playing on the people and more. The uncivilized practices are condemned and confronted by their young civilized eyes.
  4. Rescuing Stray Animals– Cats, dogs, cows, birds, and even Monkeys.
  5. Aahar– Distribution and management of leftover food from weddings and other parties. Further, there have been several times when people come forward and donate food for these underprivileged kids and slum people who never got a chance to eat a basic meal. People are joining hands, as they can see the honesty in these young eyes.
  6. Blood donation– Help people in whatever way it’s possible! They have done around 50+ blood donations to the people who are in need of blood. One of the founding member Rahul, he himself has done around 25+ blood donations himself only. It is rare to meet people who lead by their own examples and here we have Rahul (25) who is been doing this commendably well!
  7. Anant Vidya– Another initiative by The Uncivilized Indian is called “AnantVidya”, to provide free education for those who cannot afford. Books being the best friend are helping slum kids to study without any fuss. Books can be donated for the cause. UCI is working with more than 150 students in Tezpur (Assam) and Kolkata branch. So the donation of books is always welcome which can bring light in some kid’s life.
  8. Yamuna Cleaning Drive– The Team headed by Rohan Pandey and Arijit Ghosh, is working for cleaning river Yamuna towards Agra. Yes, the city of Taj Mahal and the tourist spot some volunteers for cleaning river Yamuna who are associated with UCI team and everyone including tourists have been lending their helping hand. They do not call anyone, they are doing it themselves but yes, people on their own are joining them and making it big. If you also want to join you can do so by dropping by at Yamuna river bank, Agra on the SUNDAY mornings from 5am-7am in this noble cause.

Well, UCI is working on issues maturely and taken so many issues on their shoulders with the spirit of becoming a  change. It is a MUST to mention that where a majority of adults have not been able to think rationally about society and never had that evolved thoughts about life, wisdom, and selfless service. These youth are leading the way forward in making people realize the real purpose of life and that too along with their daily chores and struggles.


It’s time to introduce the team about whom we have been conversing till now: They are young, cool, handsome, mature, well-behaved and socially responsible citizens of India. The pictures are already going viral and their names are:

  1. Rohan Pandey– By passion, he is a Founding member of Uncivilized Indian. Manages Facebook Page of UCI, leading cleanliness drive for Yamuna River in Agra. By profession, he is a hotelier.
  2. Arijit Ghosh– By passion, he is also leading cleanliness drive for Yamuna River in Agra. By profession, he is a hotelier.
  3. Rohit Rajput Ranjan– By passion, he is leading the Kolkata city where he is educating the slum children. There are no rooms to make these kids study; therefore their school runs under the flyover. By profession, he is just a student of English Literature.
  4. Keshav Mahto– Alos, known as the backbone of the Team. He is supporting the team financially. All the funding is being done by him. By profession, he is an Entrepreneur.
  5. Rahul Pandey– By passion, he is a Founding member of The Uncivilized Indian Community. Manages Facebook Page of UCI, leading blood donation campaign, he himself is a blood donor. By profession, he is just a student and making the phrase, “Age is just a number” true by his exemplary actions.

We are sure that you must have felt inspired by reading this revolutionary story of team UCI. There is a lot to learn from these youth, indeed they are the true face of changing society and are founding stones of NEW INDIA. We wish them much luck, success, positivity so that they stay motivated and keep us inspired and surprised by their noble social reforming work.

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