No matter how strong you are, there are times when you can’t help but feel like falling back on someone whom you know you can trust. One such instance is when you step into the world of motherhood following months of pregnancy.

Whether you had a comfortable pregnancy or your mornings were full of sickness; whether you had a normal delivery or your baby was pulled out from your stomach cut open; in all cases, you need someone with whom you can share whatever is going on in your mind, who would not judge you for wanting a break from your mommy duties, and someone who would advise you on every little matter, from diapers to dream vacations.

While we can always look up to our mothers and mothers-in-law, sisters and sisters-in-law, and of course, friends for sharing these thoughts, it helps to think that maybe strangers would be better suited for this, who knows nothing about you and your personality, giving you the benefit of doubt.

How about a group of like-minded mothers, who are there to support you, stand by you, laugh with you, cry with you and offer you all the advice in the world, and you won’t even have to pay anything, meet them face to face, or tell them anything about your background.

Meet Shalu Varadkar, one such mother, who owns and manages a group of 70,000 mothers from all over the world, who are there for each other no matter what, even though they are complete strangers to each other.

It was in April 2015 that she started the Mommies World (For U & Me) group on Facebook, and she had the aim of assisting fellow mothers and easing their motherhood using experience one earns in the journey of life.

The story behind MW is nothing but inspiring!

Just a month after Shalu delivered her baby boy Rushansh, she lost her father, and this personal tragedy at the happiest time of her life changed something in her, making her think of other mothers who might have had similar problems or more, and needed a soothing touch to motivate them to carry on with life.

Shalu takes great pride in her work and is thankful to all the member mommies, who are always ready to help their fellow mothers, without letting age, location or any other factor play a role.

One such example of the great work that these mommies do is to suggest home remedies for infants and toddlers, believing that they are any day better than those allopathic medicines that most pediatricians blindly suggest.

The group, however, is not limited to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Google+ too! In the offline world as well, Shalu organizes several workshops for mothers to be a part of, thus giving them a chance of interacting and spending time with like-minded mommies. Believing in giving more power to women, she also endeavors to support mompreneurs, i.e. moms who are entrepreneurs. She gives their businesses a platform, lending them her valuable suggestions.

These mothers also know how to have fun in their busy lives. Many times, they meet for coffees and lunches, which they have christened as Random Coffee Meets (RCM) or Rocking Mommies Meet (RMM-Lunch), wherein they are free to talk about anything and everything under the sun. For those member mommies who can’t meet because of being miles away from others, Shalu has come up with her own ways of making them feel loved.

On the group, they hold Monday’s Mann ki Baat, Tuesday-Chat with Experts on various topics, Wednesday/Sunday for providing platforms to promote businesses of mompreneurs, Thursday recommendations for things to try, Friday- Get Featured and Saturday for relishing Sizzling Dishes.

These activities and events have formed a loving bond between all these member mommies, who are now bound to each other with an invisible thread of love. This thread provides them the same security that one gets with one’s own family, and why not? They are no less than a family, spread across the globe and bound by pure love.

Belonging to the beautiful city of Jaipur, Shalu is a professional in the field of Events & Human Resources, holding almost two decades of experience in these fields. However, this lady with a golden heart has her passion vested in Mommies World (For U & Me), of which she is the founder and managing admin.

Other than being a dedicated working professional, a passionate blogger, and a loving mother, she is also a caring wife, who has stood by her husband Rohan’s side through thick and thin, even taking out some time from her many commitments to give her two cents about his business venture.

Team Story of Souls gives a hat’s tip to this lady driven by passion, who is helping thousands like her, knowingly or not!

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