in love with you

In love with you

I’ve disappointed you too much and too often..
I’ve pushed you away too many times..
I broke promises too..

I even left you for a guy who never truly loved me..

But you still stay..
And you still love me..
And you never stop..

You’re truly a gift and God-sent.

No promises
For no further disappointment
For no further difficulties going forward

But now, I’m staying
And I just can’t stop myself from falling in love with you.

Sheila Yovita

Brief Introduction: Live life. Celebrate life.
A city explorer, a 99% dark chocolate lover, a fruit addicted and crazy for roasted almonds. She loves to meet people, listening to stories, going for a walk, drinking good coffee and think nothing. Been thinking from the brain, now trying to feel from the heart.

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