Yes, I was 9, when He left us,
But does that mean I was weak;
For all those questions raised to me,
I wanted to stand and speak,
We did not choose to walk alone,
But when we had to, what could be done;
While they opened their mouths to ask our income,
Standing by us there was none;
I have carried those bags with the market stuff,

And yes at then I was nine;
I never went to play like the others use to,
And with that I was absolutely fine;
I was fine by the time they did not ask me,
From where do you pay for your school?
We had a life and we could live with it,
Then why they used to be the fool,
I was fine by the time they did not ask me,
What does your father do?
Don’t pity me just because he is no more,

I can be answerable too;
I can take care of my mother as well,
And she can be there for me all my way;
We had a life and we could live with it,
Why do you worry and stay;

I will not complain of what they did,
It’s not my melancholy strain;
It has been very painful for sure,
But I have been stronger with this pain;

Now I can stand alone in the crowd out there,
I have the courage to stay bold;
I count upon my experience as the no. of achievements,
They have been my stack of gold;
I count upon them as the bricks in my construction,

They have added to the strength of mine;
They have added to my love for the goddesses of life (Mother),
Since the time I was of nine;

Raushani Singh 

… Is an experienced Solutions Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer and network security industry. Skilled in Customer Services, Project management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), client handling and Documentation. Strong consulting professional with a B.Tech focused in Mechanical Engineering from R.E.C Azamgarh.  An avocational writer, with an interest in motivational and experiential writing. you can find her at Linkedin and Your quote

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