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This is the colorful digitak bouquet of Real life inspiring and touching stories of masses and classes that will inspire you, touch your heart and make you happy!

My mama beats me… I don’t like her…

My husband is mostly busy with work. He never has time for me, I feel alone…

My wife never listens to me, if I say no, she shouts and fights…

Do you also have a similar story of turmoil, hardships in personal relationships? Or perhaps a heartening tale of a bond so strong that it has changed your life for the better?

Story Of Souls presents you <3 the perfect platform to embrace your struggle stories <3. Once you reach out to us, together we will try to find a way out. Our mentors are here to listen to you and guide you at every step toward a better, more balanced life. Story Of Souls is also a platform for like-minded people or people in similar situations to reach out and seek strength from one another’s experience. If you have overcome a personal battle, share your experiences with us and let your struggle become a source of inspiration for millions like you.

It is a platform dedicated to celebrating the complexities of human relationships, in their myriad hues. It is about giving the common people, like you and I, a space to share their thoughts, voice their opinions and chart a successful path away from their problems.

We believe in serious storytelling…No gossiping around.

Who we are

We are a group of like-minded people looking to fill in the void in the space of inter-personal relationships. With technology and a hectic pace of life increasing distances between relationships, most people long for a friend they can have a heart-to-heart with. We ARE that friend to you.

What we wish to do

Inspire people, motivate people. Why limit your inspiration goals to great personalities, leaders and global icons? Inspiration can come from the unlikely quarters. Story Of Souls strives to become that platform where people can share

Why limit your inspiration goals to great personalities, leaders and global icons? Inspiration can come from the unlikely quarters. StoryofSouls.com to become that platform where people can share their stories of struggle, love, fight, aspirations, happiness, weakness, dark moments, being dumped, pulling themselves together and fighting back, to inspire many others battling similar odds in their personal space.

From where will you get the stories

From your life and that of people around you. All you need to do is close your eyes and open your heart, and a story that needs to be told will find you.

What will happen to these stories

These stories will be published on our website, along with your brief intro, picture and a link to your online blog or website (if any).

Sharing is Caring

[su_quote cite=”Do share and spread the word about Storyofsouls.com and help this platform reach a wider audience. Do it not because we are asking you to, not because your writing has been published here, but because your single share could help us reach out to someone who is in need of help.”][/su_quote]

Went out your suppressed feelings at StoryofSouls.com if you want to share your story or article with the world. Please contribute and make Story of Souls a unique platform for everyone to come and read!!

If we can inspire even one person, we’d think we have done our bit…Share and do yours!!

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