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Story Of Souls is an initiative where we invite people to share their stories with us. We want people to “write to heal”. In fact it is truly an Online Platform to share your real life stories.

Today, a majority of us are stressed as we don’t share our real problems and have become accustomed to plastic smiles. Thanks to the forever growing paucity of time and fear of being judged, we tend to bottle up our problems within. Heart-to-heart talks are depleting.

We want people to use this website as a platform for sharing their issues, problems, struggles, grudges, regrets, unsaid feelings and experiences of life. A place for people to vent out their suppressed feelings.

We are not looking for proficiency in English; we are looking for stories that stem straight from the heart. Come forward, share your story, feel a weight lift off your chest and become an inspiration for others in the bargain. It’s a win-win! We repeat, this is an Online Platform to share your real life stories.

Even though we would love to publish a story with your name as the author, we completely understand if you do not want to reveal your identity. That’s why we also have a provision for stories to be submitted anonymously. After all, our purpose is to help you heal.

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