There was a small boy living with his parents in the traditional town of Rajasthan that is known for its heritage. Though the only child to his parents, Nitin- that is his name-was never pampered by the parents but was actually being brought up under strict discipline. The love of parents pours through different ways and if we think deeply the strictness is also one aspect of the parental love who want to give a definite and solid shape to their children. However, the parents Mr. Anil Kumar and Mrs. Leelamani never prevented Nitin from achieving his dreams and wishes. Let us read the inspirational story of how A boy from small town of Rajasthan became sports entrepreneur

Nitin- A multifaceted personality

Nitin possesses an inclination towards creativity, athletics, and entrepreneurship and wears multiple hats on his head. Apart from being a versatile dancer and cartoonist, Nitin is also a school level 100m champion with a keen interest in cricket!

Engineering “Ordeal”

Though brought up in Northern state of Rajasthan Nitin pursued his graduation in engineering from Mangalam College of Kottayam. He never excelled in academics and had to attempt multiple times to clear his Engineering graduation.

Job Dilemma

After completing his education, Nitin forayed into the job field as a PHP programmer in Kreara Solutions that is now renamed as Cognub in Technopark. However, it didn’t take much time to realize that dealing with technical nuisances of PHP programming was not for him. He was sure that his job was “missing” the element of excitement and preventing him to get job satisfaction. His idea of a job was the one where the day starts with excitement and ends with deep satisfaction.

A positive switch

As a creative mind with an entrepreneurial bent he switched to the marketing department and soon discovered that it was the creative efforts in digital marketing that brought him instant joy and satisfaction. There was so much to explore and achieve and directly helping the company to achieve its entrepreneurial goal was something that aligned with his own disposition and pursuits.

Finding the first mentor

He found his first mentor in Mr. Anoop Ambika the then CEO of Kreara Solutions. As a meritorious CEO with a sharp intellect and refined ethics, Mr. Anoop didn’t take much time to recognize the latent talent of Nitin. He was sure that this employee possessed the stamina and confidence needed to achieve the bigger things of life. Nitin was also inspired by the leadership and humble nature of Mr. Anoop who used to respect every member of the team irrespective of their post or responsibility. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Mr. Anoop silently led him by example!

Dreaming Big….

The ambiance of your workplace plays a vital role in shaping your mentality. The inspirational personality and congenial nature of his CEO cum mentor Mr. Anoop encouraged Nitin to harbor bigger dreams.

…and achieving it by starting a sports club

It was during this time that Nitin thought of turning his sports passion into a business by starting a sports club with his 3 colleagues from the same company who was also his best friends. Spurred by his passion and guided by his skills Nitin started the club with a Gully Cricket Tournament at Technopark- a mutual endeavor with his 3 friends. This first of the kind tournament was positively received with aplomb. The group continued their efforts and also conducted a badminton tournament as well!

Dreaming even bigger

Life moved on and Nitin then moved to Cochin to join another company. But the change of job, company, and the city did not subdue his passion for the sports club. Here he again continued his sports club with the support of his 6 new friends.  He was not only able to continue the sports club but also helped it flourish further. This time around he also conducted football sessions along with usual cricket events.

Graduating to the next level

The change of the company never affected the relations with his first mentor Mr. Anoop. Mr. Anoop was happy for Nitin’s sports club that was flourishing rapidly. During one communication between the two, an innovative idea sprang up- graduating from the sports club into a formal company! With this idea in mind, they started thinking about the ideal personality with required expertise who can help them convert the idea into reality. At last Mr. Anoop suggested Nitin meet the ideal personality Mr. Rajmohan Pillai who was the Chairman of Beta Group!

Finding another mentor cum supporter

At Mr. Pillai’s office in Trivandrum Nitin and Mr. Anoop presented this ambitious idea to Mr. Pillai who found it really impressive. With his long-term experience and expertise, Mr. Pillai helped them to fine-tune the idea to make it more pragmatic and rewarding. He identified the business potential and altered some key aspects accordingly. Eventually, he was able to reframe the entire idea with the help of an online B2B platform and proactively helped them to start their own venture with the name of Impulse Sports!

Another shift of mind

This meeting brought about another shift of mind for Nitin. The quality time spent with Mr. Pillai and his fresh, innovative yet fully practical ideas made Nitin graduate from employee’s mentality to entrepreneurial mentality. He was also inspired by the simplicity of this leading entrepreneurial personality of the state – counted among the richest persons- who allowed them to meet him on the very first request. Nitin was also grateful to Geethu Sivakumar, CEO of Pace Hitech who helped them to contact Mr. Pillai!

The unforgettable date

Nitin can never forget the day of 13th November 2018 as the date brought him twin joys. Firstly, it was his first wedding anniversary with Divya, his loving and supportive wife and secondly, because it was also the day when the Impulse was officially incorporated as a company.

The unique venture

This venture not only helped Nitin to join the league of innovative entrepreneurs but also earned him one of the covetous titles- the First of its kind Sports and lifestyle management start-up of the state. It also placed a serious responsibility on Nitin’s shoulder. As a social entrepreneur, Nitin is fully committed to his mission of promoting sportsmanship and developing a healthy generation that can be called the need of the hour provided the sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy inclination towards digital entertainment as opposed to the real-life interaction.

Helping amateur sportspersons

As a sports-oriented company, the Impulse helps corporate companies, as well as educational institutions, engage in diverse sports and lifestyle activities. The company is proactively helping the passionate amateurs to turn their passion into a serious lifestyle activity and also offer them a strong platform to exhibit their skills to the public. The company involves the members in various leagues that are exclusively for them and not or the professionals. This endeavor proactively helps the members to exhibit their sports skills to the public in a more formal manner. So, if you are an accountant interested in showing your cricket skills and playing a formal match following well-defined rules of the game then Impulse can be the best platform for you.

Never Give Up

In India, even the state level sportspersons sometimes find it difficult to get sponsors. So, initially, it was really difficult for Impulse to find the sponsors who could be convinced to sponsored amateur sportspersons. But the Impulsians were guided by their determination and of course, the sports spirit- “Never Give up!” was the three-word motto that got even stronger each time they heard a “No”! At last the constant efforts and optimistic mentality started showing the impact and today the company has already started gaining good momentum. With the illustrious past, progressive present the future promises to bring some pleasant and positive achievements!

The story shows that you should be ready to learn from anyone who possesses an inspirational personality. Being an employee is certainly not a negative thing but you should always be ready to learn from your bosses and colleagues if you want to progress ahead in your life. Recognizing your potential and passion and fine-tuning them to achieve your future dreams is the sure shot way to success.

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