This story about an NGO by volunteer to give back society and help orphans by Gaurav will leave an indelible impact on your heart

Ever wondered how some common people can think so exceptionally while being from common surrounding? We bring one such man to you. In this story Gaurav tells about an NGO by volunteer to give back society and help orphans

 Today, we sit down with Kumar Gaurav, the man behind Being Social – Ek Nayi Shuruat, an Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) platform encouraging people to empower underprivileged children and ensure safety and hygiene in orphanages, old age homes, and slums.

Born and brought up in Saharsa in the northern part of Bihar, Gaurav is currently based in Delhi and is working in Public Health Sector. Believing in the simple philosophy of spreading smiles and serving humanity, Gaurav makes it a point to become the reason for people’s smile and happiness. This is something that he has believed in from the early years of his life till now, taking it as the only way that someone can define humanity.

Like a majority of people, Gaurav too has learned his philosophy of life from his mother, who used to say that one should strive for inner peace. Even though he has lost his mother physically, he still likes to follow her teachings.

Coming to his NGO ‘Being Social’, which he had started with his friend Praveen Prem Shukla, he tells us how they met through a WhatsApp group made for social sector work for those who seek jobs in this sector. In the group, several HR personnel from different leading organizations were added so that they could keep the group updated about job openings.

One day, Gaurav thought of using social media for a good cause of doing some kind of social service on weekend. That’s when he shared the idea of meeting and discussing the future prospects of this, but the only two people who always made it to these meetings were Gaurav and Praveen. Both of them realized that whatever has to be done, would be done by these two only, and that’s how they became co-founders of the NGO.

Discussing for hours about issues like health, education, environment etc., they could not conceive any idea about going forward with their wish. That’s when they saw a little girl searching inside a dustbin to find something to eat. Even though they were sitting in a restaurant full of people with enough money in their pockets, no one came forward to help the little girl.

After buying food for the girl, both Gaurav and Praveen felt a sense of satisfaction and internal peace, which is what prompted them to start helping people deprived of food and clothes.

They decided to devote 3 to 4 hours on alternative weekends for this cause, which took them to different slums, orphanages and old age homes. After opening the NGO, they also spread awareness about the importance of education, good health, safe water sanitation and basic hygiene practices etc.

Earlier, only Gaurav and Praveen were associated with the cause, being the founders of the NGO. However, as word spread in three to four months, seven more volunteers started to join them, taking the number of core committee members to nine.

Gaurav doesn’t forget to mention the names of these people, who showed their faith and trust and joined the initial core team. They are Mr. Gaurav Khurana, Mr. Monish Sharma, Mr. Ashish Kumar, Mr. Harish Rawat, Mr. Subodh Arora, Mr. Humair, and Dr. Partha.

If starting the NGO wasn’t a difficult task in itself, the founders had to also witness mixed to negative reaction about this. People wanted to see what they were doing, and for how long will they manage to do this just for cause and spending money from pockets.

However, driven by the desire to do something for the society, the team never backed off, which led it to where it stands today.

Presently, the NGO is engaged in activities like donating things of daily use to orphanages, old age homes and slums as per their needs. They also try to highlight the importance of maintaining good health by conducting yoga sessions, health check-ups, sanitation and cleanliness drives, and plantation drives etc.

Recently with the support of their volunteers, they were also able to sponsor the education of six students of an 8th standard from Ludhiana.

Their most recent campaign is called ‘Water for Birds’, and they celebrated 7th May as the day dedicated to ‘Water for Birds’.  The campaign saw participation from various cities, and individuals from different countries as well showed their support for the cause.

Next, Being Social will be inaugurating its first weekend school for slum children at Kaushambi, Ghaziabad on the 28th of May, where they could attend vocational courses like yoga, sketching, painting, music, art and craft, paper folding, rangoli making, Mehendi designing and all.

Gaurav signs off by reminding us of his mother’s teachings, that one should help others and be the reason of someone’s happiness.

We surely believe that he is living his late mother’s dream, what say?

For more details about the school or the NGO, you can visit their Facebook page. Further, they are always looking for volunteers on weekends. If anyone is interested please contact them, through their FB page. They would be happy to coordinate with you.

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