Find out is Cheating your partner is easy over internet today?

No one enters a relationship with the idea of transcending the boundaries of loyalty. It always begins with the idea of rainbows and butterflies and happily ever after. The mundane reality of life hits you when the honeymoon period is over. You begin to unravel the layers of your spouse’s personality. You may realize they are a lot different from what you understood them to be. Amid this turmoil, a friend request from a long lost love interest can rekindle a sense of excitement.

It all begins with a nostalgia-ridden trip down memory lane and soon escalates to harmless flirting. Before you know, you are perpetually hooked to your smartphone, sharing every little aspect of your life. You even go down to the details of what you ate for breakfast, with that ‘blast from the past’ or an unknown stranger you befriended online. Couples break the rules that maintain the sanctity of a relationship, and an illicit affair takes form. Hence, cheating your partner is easy over internet

It isn’t an isolated situation of a personal circumstance but a reality that holds our romantic relationships at ransom. Which brings us to a pertinent question: Cheating your partner is easy over internet?


Cheating your partner is easy over internet, let’s understand How

Think of a time before the internet and smartphones became a household commodity. To have a romantic liaison outside your relationship, you would need to communicate through fixed-line phones. Meet your love interest in person, and then have an excellent alibi to cover your tracks. The risk of being caught red-handed or found out was abysmally high. Besides, maintaining an illicit relationship required too much effort. And one wouldn’t go through all that hard work unless one had fallen head over heels for someone despite being in a relationship.

Cut to the smartphone age; you can be sitting across the table from your spouse or partner. At the same time always chatting with a love interest. Hit the delete button, and everything is covered. The ease and accessibility have made infidelity so enchanting in the present times. Add to that the hectic lifestyle and mounting crunch to spend quality time with your partner. And the need to seek love, appreciation, and comfort outside a relationship becomes that much more compelling.

The idea of extramarital affairs

It is also the realization that there is an alternative lurking around the corner. It makes the forbidden fruit of adulterous relationships so enchanting. Instead of working one’s way through a rough patch in a relationship, a lot of people today prefer finding solace in the novelty of an affair.

Once the idea sticks, there is no shortage of options for realizing your fantasies. It takes one internet search on ‘popular sites for extramarital’ to flood your screen with a plethora of alternatives to choose from. From ‘Top 5 Sites for Extramarital Affairs’ to ‘10 Best Adultery Dating Sites’ and direct links to extramarital dating sites, every tiny bit of information you need to have an affair is just a click away. The chances of without being caught or found out are negligible.

And then there are colleagues, old friends, and exes who you can reach out to through instant messengers. You can flare up an affair in a matter of moments. The ease and convenience of it all make transgression both practical and exciting.

Research blames it on the Internet too

Social media, dating sites, and apps help people while having successful affairs. Research has made the internet convenient scapegoat in the number of people cheating on their partners. Although extra-marital relations existed even before the advent of the internet. Still, researchers claim the era of technology has oversimplified things. Especially for those looking to indulge in some ‘harmless fun’ outside their marriages/relationships. According to a survey conducted by psychology professors, Naomi Moller and Andreas Vossler from The Open University, people who have indulged in virtual infidelity. To which they agreed that technology has made cheating easier. Some of the participants in the anonymous survey also likened virtual affairs too fast food. With all this technology around us, having an extra-marital relation can be oddly comforting and sexy.

According to the findings of another survey conducted by US-based Pew Research Centre across 40 countries in 2014, a whopping 62 percent of Indians agreed to have no qualms in indulging in extramarital affairs.

Whether adulterous relationships are on the rise because of the dating sites or is a mere manifestation of an age-old human instinct to crave novelty in love and relationships are a matter of another debate. But it can be safely concluded that the cloak of anonymity and the convenience of accessibility is luring more and more people toward polyamory.


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  • Vivek
    Posted April 28, 2020 at 2:42 pm 0Likes

    Yes, internet made infidelity easier. Couples are spending more time on phones and internet, in fact couples don’t speak don’t each other they prefer chatting with strangers and sharing good times virtually or out of their marriage bounds.

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