About Story of Souls or storyofsouls.com

We are a India’s top 20 most searchable Digital media marketing inspiring stories media platform on google. We are focusing on inspiring stories from the common man of society. The aim is to publish those stories and thoughts, digitally, which can leave a positive impact on the community at large. It can be anything from anywhere around the globe. Your experience, turmoil, social issues, science, fiction, the latest upcoming, corporate stories, thoughts, depressing moments, inspirational articles, dark moments, single dad struggles, single mothers experiences, acid attack survivors, lesbians stories, corporate stories, and even more, we accept all. Our writers will make people understand your feelings through words and handcrafted stories.

Send in your provoking thoughts, stories, incidents, and articles, which are never spoken about; we will publish them digitally over our platform. You can leave English proficiency, grammar, and editing onto your editorial board, send in your submission to replytosos@gmail.com in any language you want. We accept audio transcripts, videos, and word documents at our Digital media marketing inspiring stories media platform.

The purpose

  1. As you share your feelings/thoughts/stories with us, you will vent out your suppressed feelings.
  2. Feel pampered, feel heard as we share your views throughout the world, and people across the world read them.
  3. It is your platform. You can share your thoughts freely, your story you can express it the way you want to!
  4. We accept stories from the common people and Corporate both.

We believe in serious storytelling… No gossiping around.

Who we are

We are a group of like-minded people looking to fill in the void in the space of interpersonal relationships. With technology and a hectic pace of life increasing distances between relationships, most people long for a friend they can have a heart-to-heart with. We ARE that friend to you.

Why digital storytelling?

Inspire people, motivate people. 

Why limit your inspiration goals to great personalities, leaders, and global icons? Inspiration can come from the unlikely quarters. StoryOfSouls.com strives to become that digital platform where people can speak their hearts out…

We are that Digital media marketing inspiring stories media platform, where people can share their stories of struggle, love, fight, aspirations, happiness, weakness, dark moments, being dumped, pulling themselves together and fighting back, relationships, provoking thoughts, start-ups stories, to inspire many others battling similar odds in their personal space.

It is not vital for us that our storytellers have achieved something materialistic in their lives or not. What we admire most about your story is that you have tried and have not given up, in dark moments!

From where will you get the stories

From your life and the life of people around you. All you need to do is close your eyes and open your heart, and tell a story that can inspire someone. Bring it to our digital storytelling platform.

How people have benefited

  1. Professionally through expressive and well-crafted stories, which conveys the right message.
  2. Get an online presence about them.
  3. Helps in personal brand building.
  4. Life-long link about you.
  5. Your story will remain alive for the generations to come.
  6. Multiple times, a person can submit stories.
  7. Advantageous for the authors, storytellers, content writers as we give name credits to our storytellers.
  8. Social media promotion and has a digital presence about them.
  9. We accept stories from all around the globe.
  10. A platform for everyone.

What will happen to these stories

We will publish these stories digitally on our website, along with your brief intro, picture, and a link to your online blog or website (if any).

Sharing is Caring

Do share and spread the word about Storyofsouls.com and help this platform reach a wider audience. Do it as it feels good to share your story with the world.  Your single share could help us reach out to someone who needs help. That is the purpose of Digital media marketing inspiring stories media platform.

Went out your suppressed feelings at StoryofSouls.com if you want to share your story or article with the world. Please contribute and make Story of Souls a unique platform for everyone to come and read!!

If we can inspire even one person, we’d think we have done our bit…Share and do yours!!

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