Geet motivational speaker Biography India’s first wheelchair social media influencer

We crib that we are chasing unrealistic dreams. What if we bring to you a person who cannot walk but still has a desire to be an ACTOR! Today we would share with you the story on how Geet motivational speaker Biography India’s first wheelchair social media influencer become an actor

Meet Geet, an exception of sorts, who will not only inspire you never to lose faith in life but would also amaze you with her determination and strong will.

Believes in the philosophy of being as strong as possible, she has been fighting against all the odds so that she can make her dream come true. And mind you, the dream is not the usual ‘get rich and famous’ one.

It’s a dream that even those walking on their two feet are afraid of dreaming.

It’s the dream of being a movie star.

Settled in Delhi, Geet motivational speaker Biography India’s first wheelchair social media influencer. Paralyzed at the age of ten, she has fought against all the odds and completed her schooling. After that, she graduated with an engineering degree and earned a doctorate in law. She was in the US and was working as a lawyer. Somewhere she was not satisfied with what she was doing. She left her corporate job of the US and joined NGO. However, it’s her ambition to be an actress that makes her stand out of the rest of us, and she is working towards it.

“I have been a Bollywood fan for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to be an actress. Even as a child, I would often start acting at the dinner table,” she recalls.

When she got paralyzed, she remembers how she felt that everything had come to an end. A ten-year-old who loved to tap feet to peppy numbers was no longer able to stand up on her own.

However, she soon made peace with her destiny and decided to ignore all the negativity surrounding her. Her inclination towards art and cinema made her take part in different events. She got rejected many times merely because it was difficult to accommodate the role of a girl who uses a wheelchair in school plays.

However, she refused to bend down to the situation. And it was her fighting spirit that was acknowledged and appreciated in the hit television show, India’s Best Cine Stars Ki Khoj.

Selected in the first round, she started to prepare monologs to check her acting prowess in different types of scenes. However, her condition once again became a roadblock for her when she got disqualified in the dance round.

“It did not make me sad. I knew I could not stand; how would I dance? I was happy for all the appreciation I got from the audience,” she says without any hard feelings.

As of now, she is busy honing her skills and working on a music video on women’s issues. She is also trying her luck in the Telugu TV industry.

What one can learn from Geet motivational speaker Biography India’s first wheelchair social media influencer story is that you don’t need to be perfect in the worldly sense to achieve your dreams. Instead, it’s your hard work and determination that can help you achieve your ambitions, come what may.

The big-hearted Bollywood fan signs off with Shah Rukh Khan’s famous dialogue from the movie Om Shanti Om, saying, “Kehte hain agar kissii cheez ko dil se chaho, toh puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.”

For all those who would love to explore more about her acting skills can visit her FB page. It is devoted to women issues. She is making meaningful videos on topics which affect Indian society. These videos are thought-provoking for each one of us. Geet motivational speaker Biography India’s first wheelchair social media influencer, way of doing her bit towards this mentally crumbled society. She is right now the social media actress and is proving her mettle with her determination and dedication.

We at Storyofsouls wish Geet all the very best for her dreams of being an actress, hoping that she would one day make it big in the movie industry too! Till then, keep reading more of our articles. Stay #blessed, stay #inspired.


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