There are times when I stay quiet

One of the most significant lessons learned in life from experience is to remain silent.  Words, without a doubt, give a voice to our thoughts, but sometimes silence speaks way more than words ever can. So I stay quiet and let silence do all the talking. I keep mum, when my husband and I fight in front of kids, or when he does something silly in front of his parents.

You see, silence brings clarity. So when everything seems a blur or when I’m shouting from inside or questioning God and seeking answers to questions unknown, I stay quiet and reflect. By diverting my energy, I find all the answers that I was not getting from anywhere until then. I bestow my trust in Him, no matter how messy the situation is.

I have realized that words affect those who are conscious of their actions, who are their keepers. Arguments never lead to a solution unless the person is willing to look for one. Therefore I stay silent to save myself while saving others from drowning. Being quiet calms the storms blowing within.

Sometimes I laugh

Another one of the most important lessons learned from life experiences is to laugh. At the peak of the day, I laugh, when workload blares at me directly in my eye. I even laugh when things go out of hand or every part of my body aches. I laugh because human superpower does not allow me to bend down to the adversity. It motivates me to stand up tall and laugh out loud. It eases out the pain, sprouting little seeds of strength within me. I laugh to keep myself from giving in to the negativity, to remind myself that this too shall pass. I remind myself that I am not weak yet.  The battle is on, and I will fight until the end. I always tell myself that I have abounding everlasting strength. I also tell myself that I’m here to stay. And I will not allow people to overlook me with such ease.

Sometimes I stand for the right

Yet another important lesson from life experience is to stand for right. I fight and stand upright, adamant when someone sabotages the weak. When the strong feeling that they can suppress the weak, I stand with them, for them and their rights. Not that I have the guts, but because I can not see the tears in the eyes of young and helpless children or aged parents or women or even men who are being framed by a handful of smart women of this era. Weakness is not limited to a particular gender.

I know I will not fight for long and give birth to enmity against me, but still, I stand through and fight because my inner voice does not allow me to be a mere spectator. And above all, I stand through to let peace and respect prevail in this world.

People hate the ones they love. They hit them when they love them so much. By standing up for them is my way of making them realize that the wrong and injustice inflicted upon them is not right. They’re not weak and alone. Maybe seeing me standing up for them, they’d realize that they should learn to stand up for themselves too, to lead a better life.

Sometimes I let people make fun of me

And yet another important lesson from life experiences is to allow people to make fun of you. We can divide People, in general, into the workers and the bullies. This division becomes more apparent in workplaces, including home. More often than not, the ones who don’t work are also the ones who love to make fun of those who do. They gossip around and bully the ones who are always on their feet and do everything except genuinely working. On the other hand, the workers strive to pave the way for themselves with their hard work.

In the hearts of the bullies lies the fear of not getting attention or not being liked or not being rewarded. Those who deserve it will always be in the limelight. So they feed on the joy they get from bullying others because working hard is not something they will do. So, I keep calm when someone tries to make fun or try to bully me. I overlook the negativity they hurl at me because, in the end, truth always wins. I am fearless because I believe in what I do.


Writer: Kavya Mukhija

Kavya Mukhija is a student of Psychology, a writer, a calligraphy artist, and a creative content creator. She loves traveling and exploring new places. Always dressed with a smile, she considers spreading happiness a good deed. Last and the least, she is a woman with a special-ability who believes that more than the special-ability, it is the negative perception towards ‘special-ability’ which is disabling.

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