Being parents in today’s time, we all wish that our kids should excel, whether its sports, hobbies, or studies. We love to see our kids flying high! We have this hidden desire for enormous wealth, accolades, and fame too for our kids, but is this “desire” enough? Consistent performance in your chosen hobby and managing your studies well paralleled takes a lot of effort and determination not only from kids but also from the whole family.

Today, we bring to you a story of a family who took their share of struggles head-on and has made their kids excellent performers not only in academics but also in sports. And most importantly, the family has taught those values and discipline, which will make them a great human and a well-groomed personality in the times to come. So let’s understand them better through their story that describes how these Twin sisters excelled in academics and sport with parent’s support:


The couple, Amita and Deepak, reside in Pune with their twins, Daksh and Diya. Kids are now successfully enjoying sports, academics, and winning many medals.

They both are long jumpers and sprinters. Daksh is a 100m sprinter with hurdles, and Diya is 100m & 200m sprinter. They enjoy sports as well as study thoroughly and can do their homework independently. Do these things sound too musical to your ears? Yes, it could be too perfect for some parents when, on one side, we see today’s kids addicted to mobile. Playstations and video games and television and on other we have Diya and Daksh who are self-dependent and can excel in everything, the only question which arises is how and was everything too easy for this family? Well, the answer is “No,” like everyone else, they also have their share of struggles.

Struggle Story of Amita and Deepak

When Diya and Daksh were born, Deepak and Amita had many differences with their grandparents and were asked to leave the house. Deepak and Amita left the house with an only loaned two-wheeler and ten thousand rupees in the bank. Deepak was struggling with the job. And Amita was working for a publication house as a proof-reader at that time, with a 9 to 5 job in hand. It was difficult for Amita to cope up with the job and to look after twins when there was no helping hand with them, so she opted to work as a pre-primary school teacher. Amita proved to be an iron-willed lady as she continued her studies and joined the college for masters in personnel management, which she passed with flying colors that too when she was managing work, twin kids, and home.

She tried again for corporate jobs and got the job, too, but soon realized that kids are suffering. So back, she directed her focus towards being a teacher. Simultaneously, she completed her B.Ed and joined secondary school. Meanwhile, Deepak was also trying his hands in various business adventures but unfortunately swept all the savings they had with them. Things started to settle slowly as Amita is continuing as a school teacher, and her only focus stayed with kids. They are still residing in a rented flat and managing hand barely to mouth, but they indeed hope for a shining tomorrow.

Support from Kids

Kids have witness parent’s struggles and contributed their support too. Amita left them at her mother’s place and went to school. Balancing finances, housework, and kids were like walking on the tightrope with no scope of failing at any step. No one in their family was in sports to guide kids, but they encouraged kids to participate in competitions to channelize their energies. Diya & Daksh joined the sports at the age of 8, and their coaches realized the potential they both have, and they gave excellent feedback about them to Amita and Deepak. Coaches convinced them that they should stick to sports as they have great potential to play at National levels in the times to come with proper guidance and consistent practice.

Today kids are 14 years old and consistently performing and winning in school competitions. Those early six years of discipline, dedication, and hard work of this couple is now paying off.

More about Twin Kids

Diya and Daksh relish a purely vegetarian diet, including fruits and vegetables. Both are shinning students of Mahaveer English Medium School, which is a private school. They love watching sports channels and admire different sportspeople. Specifically, Daksh admires GREG RUTHERFORD for his excellent jumping skills. They also enjoy watching Salman Khan. They are enthusiastic about both studies as well as sports. One thing which may surprise you is, they never took any extra tuition nor any guidance from their mother too till date for studies. They have competed in Olympiads and have won silver and gold medals. Amita has taught the discipline in her kids from the start, and training is paying off so far. Daksh is aiming for IIT, and parents are supporting him by keeping sports an integral part of kids’ lives.

Financially, the family was never smooth. Extra efforts of saving and sacrifice were taken to keep up with sports meet and managing pick up and drop for kids. Managing fees for coaches and sport’s equipment were equally tough. Deepak reminds us that his kids are friendly, not only with peers, but they gel with all other age groups too.

Discipline and Commitment

Amita boasts about her children and recalls them as understanding and earnest sincere. Amita & Deepak never had to explain the situations to them. They have always kept a disciplined environment at home but never a controlled one. There was no pressure on studies or sports. Kids know the importance of both. Deepak wakes up at 7.30 am, and Amita wakes up at 5 am, and kids begin their day from 7.15 am.

Kids follow the following schedule:

7.30 to 2.00 pm – School

2.30 to 5.00 pm – Studies, homework

5.30 to 9.00 pm – Workout practice and Deccan Gymkhana Club

9 to 10 pm – Leisure time.

10.00 pm – Sleep

We can see discipline running in their blood as Amita is M.Pm, B.Sc, D.Ph, and B.Ed. Deepak is also M.Com. Amita had managed all her studies with household activities and jobs. So does the twins.

Achievements of Daksh Sumerpur:

  • District level – 16 Gold Medals – 7 Silver Medals and 10 Bronze medals
  • One bicycle in drawing competition
  • 2 Times best athletic player trophy (Boys)
  • Trophy in Sahyadri sports meet

Achievements of Diya Sumerpur:

  • District level – 14 Gold Medals – 11 Silver Medals and 8 Bronze medals
  • Zonal level – 5 Silver and one bronze medal
  • State Level – 3 Gold Medals and one bronze medal
  • National level – 1 Silver Medal
  • 2 Times Best Athletic player (Girls)
  • She has secured two silver medals in long jump and 200-meter run in ZP Zonal Competition (Qualifying for state in under 17 for girls). Most recent medal.

Waiting to see them soon playing more national and international levels!!

Both kids are participating in IIT Exam for the last three years and have been receiving scholarships. Daksh got 75 percent in Rao IIT, and Diya got 50 percent.

Indeed we can say that they are the future of young India whether they pursue sports or studies in their life ahead, but we are sure that they will excel in anything which they do.

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