It is always exciting to share the story of a woman breaking the glass ceiling, especially if that woman happens to be an Indian. This story is about one such woman named Deepti Gupta, who, being an avid traveler and entrepreneur herself, took this as a challenge to be a solo traveler, trying to make it a remarkable experience and inspiration for the Indian women. It is just the tip of the ice where she is today managing three ventures of her own.

Just like traveling, entrepreneurship also came naturally to Deepti. She started her entrepreneurial career in 2006 with the Centre for Advanced Computing Institute. The Institute has taught Microsoft Technologies and other related concepts to more than 12000 students so far.

Social Media Group – The Newest Venture

Along with her two ventures, her newest addition to the list of successes is her Social Media group. She has started an all-women social media group by the name of the Indian Women working Squad. A platform where all the women, who are entrepreneurs or are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, can meet, interact, connect, and develop healthy communication among the females.

She started this platform in 2018 and has more than 8500+ members in her group. This group is all about supporting each other, explaining what each woman is doing. And creating a helping platform to promote services, business, and buy and sell.

It is also into networking, job opportunities, picnics, and network meet-ups. This group organizes lectures on various topics like parenting, digital marketing, business strategy, fitness, and much more. They conduct meet-ups every quarter, with every meet-up consists of 50 women. Who can tell about their journeys can get instant 50 prospective clients, create a brand name, friendships, women trips, and lots of fun too!

How it all Started

Deepti was born into an open-minded, liberal family, and never let the narrow-minded views of the society perturb her. She followed her passion for traveling and exploring the new, unseen places to the fullest. Her passion has now turned it into a rewarding career for her. She has the urge to travel and explore the hitherto unexplored lands and keeps herself active over the social media group. Deepti describes herself as an ‘avid’ and ‘impulsive’ traveler, who loves pushing her limits.

From riding on the glaciers to exploring the beauty of New Zealand to taking a seaplane through the island of Maldives to taking the submarine tour in Mauritius, Deepti has done it all. However, wherever she went, she noticed that she would see families, groups of boys, but rarely any woman solo travelers’. It was then, she adds, that I thought of starting my new venture in the travel field named Routes2Travel with the main focus on Women Explorers.


Despite all her experience, her entrepreneurial journey has some problems, indeed. In 2006 when she first started her business, her son was only four months old. As a mother of a young kid, it was difficult for her to juggle work and family. In the beginning, Deepti did not have much knowledge about the technical aspects of her work since she came from a non-technical background. But she overcame all the challenges, and with the help of her supportive husband and family. She decided to take up the task of, where she moved with grace, vision, and confidence. With her efforts and her family’s support, the job paid off, and now her institute is doing quite well.

Her newest addition to the list of successes is her Social Media group, where she has an all-women, social media group by the name of the Indian Women working Squad. A spot where all the women who are entrepreneurs or are interested in becoming an entrepreneur can meet, interact, can connect and develop a strong network among the females.

She started this platform in 2018, and within such a short period, she has more than 8500+ members in her group. This group is all about supporting each other, explaining what each woman is doing. And creating a helping platform, you promote your services and business.


Next, means her second venture, came Routes2Travel. In a country like India, women traveling solo is still relatively unheard of concept. Deepti started a company that targeted such women. Her motive is mainstreaming the concept, and normalizing it so that more and more women follow their passion for traveling.

Deepti says,’ Being an Indian, I am well aware of the issues a woman faces when she decides to travel solo. Women in India are now moving to explore new places as well as themselves through solo travel is a relatively new concept for other people to understand in India’. One main reason for this aversion to solo travel is the safety concern. But Deepti believes that every country consists of good and bad people, and India is no different.

Family Support

Her initiative received a lot of support from her husband, Namit Gupta, who is the owner of the retail chain supermarket “Honey Money Top” and her father. They stood by her like a rock through thick and thin. It gave her the motivation to take up more than one thing at a time.  And this is why she, being a mother, has been running three successful business ventures.

All the ventures are close to her heart. She gives more than 100% to them. Her Microsoft training institute is doing well, but the students require constant attention; hence, she has to work round the clock on this. Her other venture, Routes2Travel, is gaining popularity among women who want to travel but not with couples or families. She encourages these women to go together and be a part of this beautiful journey. They share experiences, and her third social media group has reached to 9k members, pretty fast!

Women, who have traveled with her, consider the tours to be ‘comprehensible self-discovery tours.’ Working for social media, entrepreneurship, and nurturing her soul with her passion and dedication, she is at ease. She encourages the women to explore outside and inside and find their true calling while traveling.

She is crafting a new definition of ensuring that every woman can achieve her dreams despite the obstacles. Through her IWWS Social Media platform, where she is networking with businesswomen, every member feels empowered. She has been instrumental in helping others through networking and other unsaid ways to support the woman.

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