Being a mother is the most beautiful emotion in the entire world. The feeling is incomparable. I was one lucky female who had the blessing of being a mother, not twice but thrice. As we are all set to celebrate the woman’s day, we are presenting you with the story of how this determined woman bravely faced the challenges of being a mom.

There is a time in everyone’s life when one thinks and start planning a family. I was at the same point in my life. My husband and I decided to plan a family. I was happy, and with the utmost excitement and positivity in my heart, I was moving ahead.

When I conceived, my husband and I were extremely happy. We met the doctor confirmed the news, and there begun our journey. Nevertheless, what you call happiness took a huge turn in my life. The very next day, I found a piece of skin when I went to the washroom. The fear in my heart and eyes was so dreadful. I immediately called up my doctor and told her what happened. The doctor suggested an Ultrasound.

It was a Sunday; we could not find any lab open. Finally, after so many difficulties and a lot of searches, we came across one lab, which was open. The doctor in the lab was in a state of shock. While doing the ultrasound, he questioned me, whether I am pregnant. There were traces of internal bleeding, which is a very negative sign for an expecting mother. I was silent and hold my husband while praying. I was hoping that the baby was safe and should survive.

After the ultrasound, I immediately ran to my doctor. He suggested that I complete one-month bed rest. It was the most crucial period of my life. Every moment I just kept praying that my baby was fine. I woke up every morning with crossed fingers, hoping that all was well. I was on strong medications and injections, which helped sustain my pregnancy. The doctor did regular ultrasounds to keep a check on the baby’s growth. However, there was less hope. The period was challenging and tough to pass for both of us.

One morning when I left her house for an ultrasound, I was not expecting what was coming my way; I went for a regular check-up. The ultrasound report broke us completely. The baby was dead inside.

Being a mother gives a feeling of completeness, and there was a sudden silence in my life. And something was missing. A feeling that a part of my body was dead. I went through surgery to remove the dead baby. The best part about my life was my husband, who stood beside me like a pillar. He was very caring, supportive, and he filled my heart with love and helped me regain life.

Then we again planned a baby in a gap of a few months. This time we decided to change our doctor. But still, there were too many complications. It began with a heartbeat issue. The baby’s heartbeat was low, but the other parameters were normal. Almost during the same period, the complications increased, and there was no heartbeat found.

Our hopes wholly shattered, and we re-lived the entire moment. The mother shares a special bond with her child. It makes her the happiest on earth. Now you all can imagine my state of mind. My entire life traumatized. I could not gain myself back, and I lost hope that I might ever be a mother. But my dearest husband filled me with so much care and love. I did not give up and kept trying.

I again planned, and this time, I went back to the old gynecologist as we realized our mistake. The doctor we chose for our second pregnancy was not a very good gynecologist; she paid no attention to how crucial my pregnancy was. Without the doctor’s support, it was not possible.

We went to our old gynecologist, and she was surprised to know what had happened in the past. She then started treatment. She asked my husband and me to get a few medical tests, and finally, she asked us to plan.

There was so much fear and doubt, but my husband and I kept trying and never gave up under the advice of the doctor. The pregnancy again came with loads of complications. Since day one, I was on injections, due to some medical complexity in my reports. Doctors recommended injections until the 18th week. Although the injections were quite painful, and there were marks on my arms. But that was the prime reason I could enjoy my pregnancy. Some regular tests and ultrasounds kept happening because this time, we did not want to take any chance, and there was no scope of a gap in between. At an 18th week, I asked my gynecologist, whether I could stop the injections or not. But the doctor asked me to follow her instructions without questions.

I silently kept baring the pain, but I trusted my doctor, and I went with whatever my doctor was saying. My arms filled with blue marks due to injections, and I could wear only full sleeves. The doctor also suggested me to take a day off from work every week. I followed it. Suddenly on the 26th week, the water level came down, and I was on complete bed rest since then. The doctor was expecting that I would deliver in the 27th week. But by God’s grace, weeks kept passing, and I reached in my 33rd week. Doctors put me on Insulin as sugar levels were increasing, but the painful injections were still going on, and there was no break-in that. My ultrasound frequencies increased, and I used to visit the lab twice a week.

By the 34th week, the baby’s heartbeat went too high, so Doctors immediately operated me. Finally, by God’s grace, I successfully delivered the baby. The baby and I both were healthy. The entire period for me and my husband was very crucial. But perseverance is the key to success; my case proved that.

In the end, I would like to say; all is well that ends well. My family and I were delighted; the doctor’s effort, my patience and husband’s love, and support finally paid off very well. Once you hold the baby, you forget all your pain and worries.

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