Jaswinder Kaur Inspirational Story An Educator, an Instructor

Jaswinder Kaur is truly blessed by Goddess Saraswati, a teacher for whom education and learning were of prime interest. She had a poetic flair since the age of 12 and she wrote fabulous articles and stories. During school days, she participated in many State and National Level competitions and won many prizes. She participates in a lot of National and International Kavi Darbars and has been honoured and appreciated for her work.Jaswinder Kaur Inspirational Story


Her Life

Jaswinder Kaur who resides in Amritsar, and belongs to a middle-class family. She knew the importance of every achievement and success. She always gives her 100% with complete honesty and dedication for anything she started. When She was all set to put her foot forward towards life’s greatest journey. Where on one hand education and her interest in writing were flourishing. Her life was all set to take-off, it took a complete turn right then as she had to get married.


U-Turn in life

She has always been a studious kind of person. Inclined towards writing and learning. She was far away from any worldly affairs. At the age of 23, she tied the knot. She once again proved her dedication. Gave her best in creating her place and winning her in-law’s heart by taking up all the household chores really well.


Execution of Jaswinder Kaur Passion Inspirational Story

Jaswinder soon adjusted to her new life and routine. One day, she realized that in this entire process of marriage and getting acquainted with life lessons, she forgot that she was only a graduate. Somewhere her dreams and passion were lost in this new life. However, she wanted to start writing again, she wished to pursue further studies. From there on, she started dreaming again.


Support from better-half helped her

However, she was fortunate that her husband showed interest. He supported her decision to pursue her dreams and commence her higher education. We all know that getting married and fulfilling their duties is a big responsibility. So undoubtedly this was way challenging for her but with full motivation and positivity in mind, she started her journey once again.


Jaswinder Kaur Inspirational Story

Took up a Job

Jaswinder took up a teaching job in a school and she enrolled herself for distant learning at IGNOU. With tremendous hard work and dedication, she completed her post-graduation. One should always dream big and should have the courage to achieve his or her dreams.


Studies – Work – Home

To continue working as a teacher at a well-known institute, she required a B.Ed degree. Studying and preparing for B.Ed was a tough job for her as she was the mother of a 2-year-old then. Being a mother is a full-time job and studying and preparing along with it seems such an impossible task. However, it was tough and not impossible for her. She never gave up! With full courage and confidence, she enrolled for the degree in Jalandhar Government College.


She accepted challenges

It was a challenging one, as she lived in Amritsar and traveled every day to Jalandhar. But this did not break her motivation. Whether it was scorching heat or cold chilly winters or messy rains. Her enthusiasm and love for studies were more than anything was for her. She played all roles well. Jaswinder prepared for her exams with complete diligence and in no time, she passed and cleared B.Ed with flying colors. Now she was all prepared to start her new journey and there came another hurdle.


Hurdles in her life

She wanted to become a Punjabi teacher, and for that, she needed 3-year graduation in elective Punjabi language. When she thought that she has achieved it all, right then she again started studying. One after the other she was clearing all her hurdles with flying colours and gradually started climbing the ladder of success. Her last step was the CTET exam that she cleared in 2016. Every educator has subject expertise and Jaswinder has expertise in Punjabi.

Not only this but she also brushed her hands over her writing skills. Writing is not only her hobby but a passion. She contributed to the field of literature since 1990 by writing poetry. She contributed as an active member of: Progressive writer’s organization and Folklore research academy. Both are the national-level organization of writers. Jaswinder Kaur has also written two Punjabi books. Their names are SUHAAVIAAN RUTAAN DIN SUHELRRE (poetry), and KLAAM NU SLAAM a book on quotes {Quotes in 3 languages: Punjabi, Hindi, and English}.


Achievements and Awards:Jaswinder Kaur Inspirational Story

Jaswinder wrote a Punjabi poetry book, launched by Padam Shri Surjit Pattar Ji. Indeed a dream became a reality in her life. She always dreamt and aimed to reach great heights with her expertise. It was the most memorable day of her life.


She has been awarded as the Teacher of the school and was also given the Dynamic teacher award, Chandigarh.


Awards and honours

  • Apart from that, she has also won laurels like Global Role Model Teacher Award, Mumbai
  • She won the Innovative Teacher Award, Lucknow
  • In Kolkata, received “Peace Ambassador” award.
  • Prestigious Award by Maharashtra
  • Kalki Gaurav Samman, Noida, for her contribution.
  • For social services, felicitated with “Naari Shakti Smaan”, Chandigarh
  • Influential women award 2020, Amritsar
  • She has also achieved, “Honour “from the genius record, Nigeria. For working on water conversation, she was certified by Cosmos world records. Further honoured with the title “India’s Top Personality.”
  • Jaswinder has also done 3 programs on the radio station.

Jaswinder Kaur Inspirational Story

At present, Jaswinder is teaching at DAV International School, Amritsar. She is a huge inspiration for many. As she has always fought through her challenges and stood stronger every time. Jaswinder says, “Teaching is my passion, learning is my soul”.


Her work and her contribution towards the society has been a vital part of her journey, “since childhood it was my dream to be a “nation-builder”. I think a teacher is a small title for those who are creating doctors, engineers, architects, and high profile personalities on this earth” says Jaswinder. Hope you loved reading Jaswinder Kaur Inspirational Story. Do not forget to leave your valuable comments.


Well done Jaswinder

She as a fighter stands still and continues to be one. She wanted to bring a positive change in society through her expertise, but she believes that to bring the changes in society we need to change ourselves first. That is Jaswinder Kaur…. The DEDICATED, and POSITIVE LEARNER and a TEACHER. We Hope You Loved Jaswinder Kaur Inspirational Story On Our Web Portal


A guide and a contributor to society!

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