I have always tried to cherish every single moment of life, abiding by the dictum – Live each day as it is your last. Many times, because of our circumstances, we hardly find time to celebrate life. And appreciate its abundances barb down a lot of us. Thankfully, we live in a country where people celebrate many festivals. These festivals keep us connected to our roots, our values, our culture, and our origin. I might be too young to understand the mythological significance behind these festivals. But they indubitably serve as reasons for bringing the family and friends together. And to celebrate the very spirit of humankind, I believe that our entire life is a festival.

Our Festivals

They work as occasions, giving us a chance to rejoice in life, rejuvenate ourselves, and intensify the feeling of unity. For instance, Holi is the festival of colors. It is a beautiful celebration where people get drenched in colors. And come to resemble each other, losing their original self. The festival not only bridges the social gap but also delivers a message of freedom. Similarly, Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the biggest celebrations in our country that leaves no stone unturned for bringing a smile on our faces.

Have you ever noticed that whenever it is time for the arrival of some festival, the entire aura changes? And everybody gets directed towards a faith. An environment of happiness, joy, and good hopes fill all of us with positive energy. It allows us to overlook all the depraved happenings of the past and start again. Such is the intensity of Indian festivals.

Therefore, with good faith, I wish all of you tremendous success and happiness at every step in life. I pray for you to live life to the fullest and rejoice in the beauty of our festivals and culture, spreading a feeling of love, harmony, brotherhood, and respect.

Signing Off

Nikhil Dewan

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