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When it comes to young girls being supported for their dreams, times have changed drastically in their favor, the scene which was not there say, ten to twenty years back, is no more prevalent. Indian women were confined to roles and duties chosen for them by their families and society, abiding by them was the obvious thing to do, with no deviation whatsoever. But, what about those who dared to think bigger and constantly were pushed by their own will to do something out of the box.


Minna Francis Women Voyagers faced the same circumstances. Checking the boxes, she managed to curb her desire to explore the world. After working in the corporate industry for twenty years, looking after her family and kids, with dedication the vacuum was still there. Today, she stands tall with pride and looks back at the time when she left the safety net of her job, took in her hands the entrepreneurial ropes. Getting featured in and recognized by the renowned WOW magazine (Women of World), the sister branch of Business Today, her instincts proved to be right.

The Childhood and the Early Life

She recalls the enthralling presence of nature around her at a very young age. Seeing the birds filled with energy sore up in the sky made her wonder, where they are reaching out and what lies beyond the horizon, originating her appetite for a life that helps her explore the world as it is. Claiming top positions throughout her student life be it in tenth standard, graduation from Delhi University or secretarial training in Delhi’s YMCA, she was bound to show the same level of integrity in future endeavours. Little did she know in her years of being a successful Personal Assistant to various CEOs and MDs, in International and National Organisations, that she will be crowned with the title of Mompreneur, the term coined for women who came up with their start-ups while taking care of family, one fine day.

The life of Minna Francis was primarily defined by others. Satisfying what everyone expects comes as second nature to most women especially in India. Constantly questioning the practices of the house noticing the patriarchy whenever women wished to try different things only to be shunned down in the name of their own goodwill, societal pressures turned out the moments of her realization of how changes are needed eventually making her take the stronger than ever stance herself.

Minna Francis Women Voyagers at Mompreneur Circle Meet – The Second Bout

Reviving the childhood fixation with the world’s beauty, she gave life to her venture “Women Voyagers”, determined to wait until she was ready to fund her project herself. The idea is to let women see the world whenever and wherever they want. Based out of Mumbai, Minna’s destinations range covered Lonavala to Dubai. Some amazing trips planned in Spiti Valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Ladakh, Karjat, Andaman, Bhutan, Nashik, and many more. She had not ventured into driving beyond the office to house and vice versa, with her new venture – she singlehandedly drove her first Co – Voyager to Mahableshwar – first-time hill driving, which she feels is a feather in her cap, as mountain driving was a distant dream for her. With the history of being scarred with an unfortunate driving accident that left her shaken to the core, the paradox occurred when she took charge overcoming her fear and drove in her first rally held in Goa. It was extraordinary yet so relatable.

The freeing nature of trips designed to inculcate the idea of finding new meaning for oneself and live life for own salvation is what makes its approach unique for women who need a platform to tour. She does not merely plan trips for the women but strongly voices the concern for taboos related to women and traveling. Learning how to ride a bicycle on one of her trips, breaking the ageist perspective that people can’t try new things after a certain point in life, being dependent on male figures to leave the four-walls and avoiding traveling on the menstrual days to name a few of them. The venture is about introducing a new lifestyle altogether.

From those who took the leap

Women from all over the world came forward and entrusted Women Voyagers for experience promised by traveling to places. They were accompanied by a representative for the whole trip. One such patron, Shweta Rastogi, believes Minna Francis to be an excellent trip facilitator, due credit to her guidance and cooperation for providing an extraordinary time in nature. Shefali Sharma wishes her growth and success too, as she recalls the dedicated professional team exceeding her expectations. Minna’s efforts have shone brightly internationally when people reached out to join her for trips.

Future of travel for women

What lies ahead for Minna Francis Women Voyagers is the upward ladder towards growth. The good thing is her company’s motto is to take others along with her as well. Women seeking gratification from adventures and thrill to feel more alive than ever are most welcome to join her. After all, we all have got one life. Letting go of inhibitions and allowing someone like Ms. Francis, who has figured out the way to be complacent, to guide you through is the least you can do.

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