A shining star of Aspiring Writer’s Community at Sheroes, she is an avid reader and die-hard fan of late great Harivash Rai Bachchan. She belonged to a small town Lambhua in Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh, where a girl’s primary education is a big deal. A small town doesn’t mean a small mindset. The age is just number when her author-mindset speaks. Silently, fighting with a narrow mindset of small-town, she turns out to be a brilliant writer to inspire others. She authored three published books at the tender age of 19 years when Millenials are still roaming around no clear plans of the future. Undoubtedly, the clear-headed girl is now a torchbearer of immature writers of any age. Her books are namely EMOTIONAL STREAM, SHATTERING OF FEAR and WARRIOR IN HER.
The story of her books in her words:
“Emotional Stream deals with the thoughts and poetry related to the day-to-day emotions of a human being. Shattering of Fear deals with the overcoming of fear in life that puts a barrier in our ambition. Warrior in Her is celebrating the fact that women can handle anything they have enough courage and bravery,”

Success mantras

The story weaver urges not to break the flow while weaving the story. She resides in Lambhau, a small town in Sultanpur. Her middle-class parents try their best to provide everything in their capacity to their children. The town lacks necessary facilities, resources limited tools of education.
So, for a girl to reach full potential is actually out of the question, when the aim is to marry off the girl child as soon as possible. Her much-gritted success required her hard work and more gritted parents to push her to envision her dreams.
Her writings-streak seems consistent; she adds, “I wrote my first poem when I was in class five. I got the 1st prize, and my mother was quite upbeat about it. That’s when I got to know that my mom and I share the same passion! She started getting me a lot of literature to read, and my pen just got better with time. By the age of 17, I had a massive collection of self-penned poetry and other literature.
During the same time, one of my teachers motivated me to become an author. Being in Sultanpur, it was unimaginable. While my family was finding ways and means to support my dream, they and I were facing a lot of negative comments. As you are aware, whoever tries to break the barriers is always discouraged by society. My mother used to motivate me a lot those days, asserting to stay focused. With few friends and teachers’ help, I got to know about two-three publications, where I sent my manuscript online. None got rejected. And by the grace of God, today, I have three books of my own in my hands.”
She adds,
“My mother could never turn her passion into a profession. So these books are my tribute to her sacrifices for me. When my first book came out, my parents were thrilled beyond measure. That was really an epic moment!
She has been writing for a lot of magazines and other publications in both languages Hindi and English since then.
No wonder she is acting as an inspiration to many at the ASPIRING WRITERS’ COMMUNITY at SHEROES. She laughs and asks, ” Is it? You made my day! Let me dedicate something to all writers there: Writers are never off duty; Either they are writing or thinking what to write!”
And she begins pouring her love for SHEROES,
” I joined SHEROES in 2018 because I love the way women come out to support each other here. I simply adore SHEROES since it not only provided me the best sisters and guides in life but also gave me so many lessons in life. So many solutions in life. SHEROES is like a Doraemon to Nobita!”
The 19-year-old advises to upcoming writers not to give up, “Never lose hope because best is always yet to come. Never ignore your passion, and don’t be afraid of failure. Fear is nothing more than an internal give up. So do not fear. And if you are a writer like me, write every day and keep searching for opportunities. There is no fixed time to create a bang, but when you create it, mark my words, it will be the loudest!”
Pawana’s three books are a shout-out to all inspiring writers. If her age is not a limit, then nobody’s age is a restriction for writing. So, amateur writers keep on writing and keep shining.
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