How cool will that be when we get a chance to read a human, yes, it’s different but it’s real Human library Concept Social Media obsessed society must for all

Imagine a library where you walk in, sit quietly, get a cup of coffee, and start reading humans.

Yes, humans!

The concept of human libraries is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a library where you can hire to read, not a book but a human. The first-ever human library was set up in Copenhagen, Denmark. Established by Ronnie Abergel, his brother Dany and colleagues Asma Mouna and Christoffer Erichsen in the year 2000. The concept of the human library, where a book can talk back, might be an exciting twist to the usual libraries.

Celebrated world over in more than 70 countries in the past 17 years, the idea landed in India first in Hyderabad. After that, the second event was recently held in New Delhi in June’17.

The library provides you with a platform to know about the real-life stories of people you would otherwise never have met. And shedding the walls of inhibitions, the difference in living standards, and breaking stereotypes. Such a great, Human library Concept Social Media for today’s society.

What works wonders for this kind of initiative is that we are so busy within our own lives and are only interacting over social media platforms. The need to communicate your thoughts and to meet new inspiring people is disappearing with each passing day. Moreover, in a culturally diverse country like ours, where you see languages and cultures changing within less than 50 km. Also, having the extreme ends of society with people having multi-storeyed houses to those who don’t have roofs over their heads. We are a country that should celebrate the difference, which we sadly don’t.

Abergel thought that reading humans as books would give a reader a chance to be able to bring about a change in society. Also, it will provide them insights about what happens at the end of their comfort zones. Different colours life has for people around the world.

These Human library Concept Social Media are open to all. Here people can go and pick the ‘human book’ that intrigues them the most. To avoid chaos, the founders pre-select a number of these human books that people can choose from during the event. You possibly get a chance to meet a domestic violence survivor, acid attack survivor, a cancer survivor, or a drug addict — all of them speaking their hearts out and sharing their personal experiences and real-life stories first hand.

With the advent of technology and social media, our lifestyle is changing. But, after all, we are social animals and always need to express. Today the concept of human libraries is essential as people do not have time to communicate with each other. As you read a storybook, these human books are real stories, speaking in front of you.

We think this to be a significant step in the direction of bridging the gaps that exist in our society. It enables people to learn whatever they can from a stranger. You listen to his life stories, his struggle, and survival, his joys, and sorrows.

It was high time that people be more considerate and open towards each other, embracing the differences. And human libraries are just one of the many things this society needs.

Kudos to the people who come up with such ideas!

Kudos to the society that enables them to do so!

Happy reading!

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