I am Raj, a Call boy, and today I am here to narrate you my story. A story, which has a lot of heart shaking moments, a few unbelievable facts of life, and it is all true as it is my personal experience.

I was very young when my dad expired. My mom used to tell me stories about my family. She used to say that my grandmother was CMO of Kanpur, she was a lovely woman, and my grandfather was a doctor. My father owned a hotel, and we had a perfect life. However, everything changed drastically when my grandmother expired.

My grandfather married again and got us a step-grandmother. You must have heard and seen in movies how stepmothers are! That is precisely how my step-grandmother was. She just boycotted us and took control of the house. She treated us like servants in the family, and my grandfather was entirely under her control. He heard nothing against her. He saw our condition but never said anything.

Things got worse when my father expired. Continuously for 2-3 days, we had nothing to eat.  We had a neighbor; the woman was lovely and helped us in every possible way she could. However, she could not be there always, so as long as she was there, she always served us food.

Our conditions were not right. We had to fight and struggle for even our basic needs. However, my mother did not know many things, so she decided to cook at other people’s houses. She made this decision only because of my sister and me. She started working as we were too young and to fulfill our basic need for food.

I still remember her first day of work. When she returned home, and she just busted in tears, saying that, “I never imagined that we would have to face such adversity, and I will have to go and work in other’s house.” My mother completely broke, but she kept silent and continue to work as it was for my sister and me.

When we started going to school, we never knew what lunch was. At times, we did not even have money to buy a pencil. Asking our mother for lunch or pencil was the last thing running on our minds. As we have seen her struggling so much, she always remained tensed, trying to meet our needs.

I was too small, and I always use to feel that everyone’s father returned home in the evening, then where is my father. Why does he not come back home? I just held my father’s photo frame and busted in tears. It was challenging to survive in whatever my mother was earning. My grandfather also did not bother. At times, he used to hand over 250 gm oil and 2 kg flour, not realizing the fact that we have not had food probably since days.

At times we use to visit our grandfather, one of the biggest reasons for my visit was that he knew how we were living and struggling for every bit, but he never said a word instead of always handed us some money to manage a few days.  My step-grandmother never allowed me to leave quickly. She made it a point that I earned the money my grandfather handed me. So she used to ask me to cook around 100 chapattis.

Just imagine an eight-year-old boy, firstly how he would manage to cook so much and then I had to travel 3 km late night alone back to my home. I can never forget those fearful nights. My only motive was to make some money back home, which would help my mother in some way. It kept going on for long, and somehow we managed to finish our studies. Then my grandfather expired.

Now things had changed as we had grown up, and now the responsibility of the house was on me.  I needed a job to run my family. I had to get my sister married. Nevertheless, because I had no qualifications, I was not getting any job. I finally decided to join a gym.  I made good friends there, and they taught me one thing, which changed my life. They taught me to please girls, and I made many girlfriends.

I was pursing class 12th and did not have much money for further studies, so I joint my aunt’s company. She had a food supplement company like Amway. The office was in Gumti, in Kanpur. I started working there, and slowly, things started falling in place.

In college, I met a girl who used to blackmail me for having sex. She used to pay me a handsome amount for sex with her.  Eventually, this became a habit. As long as I was earning good money through this, I did not mind; I made almost 13 lac. I found that she was married, and she was only interested in sex. She told me that she was not happy with her husband and wanted to continue this between us. She also introduced me to her friends. I think I had 135 such associations of only sex and no relation. It was like a job.  I continued my exercise in the gym as I was learning a lot, and it was the means of living for me. This money that I was earning, I wanted to invest in setting up my Gym.

I have done this a lot many times, but it was shocking to see how people are running behind sex just for pleasure. It seemed quite normal amongst girls and boys both. I never knew or imagined that I could earn lac through this.

At present, I have left all those jobs, and I am focusing only on my Gym. I also run a yoga class and currently pursuing marketing. Realizing the pain and understanding their plight, I am also helping a few needy and poor kids. I have been in the same situation, and I do not want others to suffer and go through the same. Therefore, I am trying my best to help a few kids, and I hope I can give them a better standard of living.

Have you realized reading my story about how sensitive this issue is? People are either running for sex or gadgets.  We are ready to be a slave to gadgets, and sex is only for pleasure. Everyone has forgotten what relations, love, or sentiments mean. The real definition of being into a relationship, whether it be a girl or boy or within the family, has drastically changed.

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