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“An investment in knowledge pays great interest.”

The above quote aptly conveys the importance of Education in our lives. Education at the grass-root level becomes the prime importance of a human being. Education is the weapon to work wonders with character. The only quality, that is sure to reap the best reward. When education plays such a significant role in our lives, educating infants at the right time becomes the foundation stone of their life.

Understand Homeschooling with Rich Brains Preschool

Scientists claim that 80% of human brain development occurs before the age of 5 years and therefore, education in these years becomes a prime concern for the parents. They have various queries regarding their role in the creation of a bright future for their child. The kind of education they may provide at home. What is needed is a theory or practical and many other questions continue to haunt them.

To worsen the dilemma of such parents, has come the year 2020. Story of Souls in conversation with RichBrains Preschool, answers your queries about the importance of homeschooling…

We are in the midst of a pandemic and this will have widespread implications on our lifestyle. Today, we will try to Rich Brains Preschool Homeschooling education approach and will try to provide a solution to their dilemma in the form of answers to their queries and doubts.

Rich Brains Preschool chain has been in the education space for 5 years. Rich Brains was started by an IITian and a Computer Masters. We at RICH BRAINS have been making inroads with few successfully running preschools and new initiatives like homeschooling, virtual schooling and much more to list.

So here is a list of all the much-anticipated questions and their detailed answers: –


1. Why do we need preschools?

homeschoolingAs mentioned above Neuroscience has proven that more than 80 per cent of the brain development occurs in the first five years of life. What does it actually signify? It states that the first 5 to 6 years of life make for the basis of life, the basis of a child’s character and the child’s future. Their ideas will one day design the blueprint of their life.

Since our children, for the next six months will be nearly locked up at home with very little activity. Their brains cells are in the process of development of new ideas and curiosities.

If during this part of their life, they do not receive the right kind of care or learning they actually need, they will grow up with a mind with the potential of achieving great heights but not the sensibility that would let them do so and that is something that we need to work together to avoid.

So, that clearly defines the need for preschools.

2. How do Rich Brains Preschool Homeschooling enable schooling in these COVID times.

homeschooling tipsFrankly, each one of us is going through a common problem. The problem is new and we are really trying our best to fight with it. But since the hurdles are new, so are the actions to jump across.

We have started with 2 types of solutions for concerned parents:

i. HOMESCHOOL: The homeschooling platform for young kids with guidance to parents on teaching their kids.

ii. BLENDED SCHOOLING: A mix of virtual schooling and real-time experience.

3. What is the detailed procedure and methods of homeschooling for kindergarten kids?

While most of the preschools impart education through pen and paper, we focus on education through learning which incorporates both theoretical and practical knowledge. Rich Brains Preschool Homeschooling imparts knowledge by enabling learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing & hearing. The term ‘Curiosity’- is the innate nature of every child. It can only be satiated with a theme-based integrated approach. This can be led by inquiry-based learning.

Intrinsic motivation to learn, autonomy & self-discipline are emphasized. We have introduced concepts like “Discovery time” in our classes which lay stress on the brain development of the child. These parameters are developed through the structured teaching approach. The Activity-based learning and Bonding between parent and child (the most nourishing feeling of all).


How it is followed


Structured Curriculum – Curriculum will be shared and discussed with parents in stages in detail. The worksheets and notebooks will be provided for practise at home to turn the learning mode on at the comfort of home.
Engaging Sessions – Sessions will consist of different activities to enable learning and not just remembering and concepts in accordance with the Block being taught. Recorded videos will be sent.

• They are made according to age for Teachings to facilitate exact mind development
• The sessions will be Edutainment and Fun to make the kids feel that they are not learning but playing.
• It’s academics and Life-Skills based learning.
• The expert and experienced teachers are giving sessions.

Early Childhood Association strongly recommends that the connection between the learner and the imparter must remain undeterred by the lockdown and hence they must stay in touch with the imparter imparting knowledge.


And thus, build their good habits which would remain with them throughout their life.preschool with homeschooling

Teachers can help engage children in socio-emotional and physical activities-

• By helping them video chat with their peers.
• With the method of storytelling.
• Teacher can sing rhymes.
• Keep them engaged and motivated through yoga activities.
• Teaching kids with the help of stories. In regard to physical distancing, wearing masks, and new hygiene rules.
• Playing games with the kids such as guess the sound; who makes this sound etc.

An engaging video chat like this, for half an hour every day, is not harmful to children.

Problems have been a part of our lives. The current situation of a global pandemic has put us all in trouble together.
While it is rightly said – “The more, the merrier”. Hence the trouble stands weak in front of the mass together.

While this is a new sequence for kids and us, it is best to hope that the global situation improves soon. Till that time, let’s keep them positively engaged by enabling learning and not just education sessions for every kid out there. Best wishes to all parents!!!


Our Storyteller:

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And there’s no looking back.

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