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Story of the Uncivilized Indian Assam Flood relief 


For many of us, extending a helping hand means getting something in return. Help can be done free of cost as well, it does not always involve MONETARY exchange or benefits. Still, the majority of people think twice in today’s times before helping? This stands true for our blood relations as well. Even one like or one share and one thank you is only done when you get something in return. This is how we are living in today’s so-called civilized, educated and tech-savvy society.



Leading by Passion

But today, we are talking of another league of young guys who are working selflessly for the society. Meet the YOUNG team of TheUncivilizedIndians Assam who is born in this 21st century and has been working from 4+ years for upliftment of society, under various initiatives. These all social responsibility work they are doing along with their studies and jobs, that too without monetary benefits. They have been featured by logically for their tremendous work and many other reputed places as well.


Even this lockdown could not stop them

When the zeal to help is big even the universe will bow down to make the path for you. This happens with these guys, as some of them Uncivilized indiantravelled from their jobs to hometown to help the struck poor lives. On the other hand, were in the challenging times for the rest of the younger generation who are getting anxious, sitting ideal at home as neither they have friends to hang around with nor can they party. Adding more they are bored with watching Netflix and other web series. The trend is something like they don’t want to help their parents as well! Whereas, these youth from Assam are moving out from their safe zones just to help those whom they don’t even know!



Condition in Assam 

uncivilized IndianWe at would like to share with all our readers about the present condition of Assam during the flood. Each year the Assam is affected by the flood. This isn’t much-trending news in the media. More than 45 Lakhs of lives are affected in the total of 33 districts 27 are affected by the flood. Every year the locals of Assam fight for their survival. Crops are damaged, loss of property happen each year. People lose family and loved one’s year by year. Their means for survival and have to wait for rebuilding. Assam flood 2020 being hurt the most as first it was hit by the COVID-19 and then this floods. Already two high waves of water have impacted the state up till now.



The Uncivilized Indian uncivilized Indian

Amidst these conditions, these guys for the love of their motherland from a team of NGO named UCI Foundation, the Uncivilized Indian Assam came forward and have been working for the society. They get cuts and are affected by staying longer in the stagnated water for long hours, still are serving beyond their pains. It’s been more than 32 days they have been serving the poor and affected people.

They are all the students in colleges and jobs who are volunteering. They wake up at 7 am, get into the boats to reach the most interiors of the Assam region, which is highly affected yet unapproachable. These volunteers reach there by walking in water. Imagine the state, where a normal person, refuses to step inside the stagnated rainwater and try to avoid such placed these guys are especially going inside that too barefoot. It’s their sheer determination and willpower to serve humanity, they have thrown themselves in such extreme conditions.

uncivilized indian story

Food for the thought


Message for the youth:


Where society is fearing due to coronavirus, some these guys in the team Theuncivilized Indian especially came home from their workplaces to help and serve their motherland.

They could also, sit and relax in their homes and can enjoy the web series and can play online games, however they choose a hard path. Isn’t this phenomenal, should we not feel proud of this younger generation in the 21st century, who in real sense are the changing face of the better India!
uncivilized indian story


Message for the parents:


WE also like to request all the parents of this era that you must encourage your kids to do something for the society, these good deeds will help in making a better society in the times to come. Further, these actions will craft a good character in these youth rather than, they sitting ideal, today’s youth has a whole lot of potential in them, just that we need to support them that could help in creating a wonderful world in the times to come, which humanity can be proud of!

Can we learn something from these young fellows? Are they not real youth Icons? Yes, we at storyofsouls consider them much mature, sensible, and responsible who are leading the way through their actions for everyone. Especially for these who consider talking about the weaker section, a taboo! These young volunteers are especially waking up every day with disciple and punctuality and serving underprivileged that too sometimes through their own money and also from the donations.


story of souls the uncivilized indianIt’s in their genes

It’s not only that they help the society while during floods, but they also keep doing their good work all year long from last many years in whichever city they are studying or working. In fact, leading a life by helping is their lifestyle. There are a lot of responsibilities which these young guys have on their shoulders. Some such initiatives that they are delivering with utmost sincerity and dedication are mentioned below:



Their other initiatives are:

  1. Inspiring through their Facebook community which as 2L+ followers
  2. Project Anant Vidya
  3. Khoon
  4. Sundays for rivers
  5. Swacch Aahar
  6. Plant Green
  7. Hope for the Hopeless
  8. Voice – The Animal Welfare
  9. Flood relief
  10. COVID Relief

story of souls the uncivilized indian

Can we DO something for these young volunteer soldiers?

There is a lot we can learn from these youth, one thing that we can do from our end just by sitting at home is to donate for their cause which they are up for at 


Change happens when we work and not just sit to criticize!


You can read more about these handsome and intellectual young boys below:

We at our platform have been fortunate to cover their entire journey from the beginning to the expansion, of these boys from north-eastern-state of Assam to entire India since 2017. We are definite that their journey will surely inspire you!

As their journey began when people mocked about them – click here to read

Story of their achievements, support, and growth – click here to read



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