Rishi Kapoor – A Star, a legend, an era in himself. 

“I have tried to look different and play different roles throughout my life because I am passionate about my work.” –   Rishi Kapoor.

Apart from being a loving father and a doting husband,  Rishi Kapoor, son of the evergreen Bollywood superstar Raj Kapoor, was also a fine actor and a wonderful human being.  A bundle of tireless energy, Rishi Kapoor was often seen brimming with a restlessness at work which would seek solace only after a news story was unfolded in front of his eyes: thus allaying the thirst of his creative burst through the beautiful and enchanting medium of cinema.

Rishi Kapoor made his debut in the film “Mera Naam Joker” in which he portrayed the role of an adolescent for which he received the National Film Award for the Best Child Artist. He rarely disappointed with his eyes and smile, no wonder he won so many awards that referred to the best in the field. He was honored with the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008, a year before his last film appearance in The Body. His wife Neetu Singh, is a well-known actress, who held a deep faith in the success of the veteran actor who was also a hugely successful Bollywood star. They both are the proud parents of two lovely children, one of whom has become a well-known icon amongst the youngsters. The great legend passed away recently on 30 April 2020 after a brave fight with Leukemia.  Here’s a heartfelt tribute to him.

In one of his interviews during his lifetime, Rishi Kapoor once shared that he cannot sit still for more than five minutes, cause his mind is always somewhere bringing to life to a whole new character and the colorful world that was connected with it. With the natural gift of talent in acting that he acquired,  he was ever upbeat and was always bursting with phenomenal creativity, which was quite visible in his every move on screen: be it in his soulful expression, or in his youthful voice, in his sparkling eyes or in his ceaseless laughter, altogether shattering to pieces the monotony that often surrounded a run-of-the-mill character in any given film.

In all of his movies, Rishi Kapoor took up the role of a most ordinary character; he always believed that an average person would relate to a character that reflected the most ordinary and commonplace realities of life. Be it the washing of utensils, or the ups and downs of one’s career life; or the petty jealousies between two lovers’ families that one faced, or the love & romance that often one dreams of turning into a marriage, or the boredom of an idle man who is sitting at home and working hard on his thoughts – Rishi Kapoor never hesitated to take up such simple yet diverse roles that were least of glamorous, but indeed cherished the most by a common man.

He also did roles that brought him under the awe of the limelight, for which he won due accolades and awards in the Indian film industry. In one of his recent movies –  Aurangzeb, his superb portrayal of the villainous character made the audience gape in awe, while his intricate essaying of the character drove home the importance of family honor in one’s life and in society, which if tarnished even a bit would end up transforming a person into the very devil incarnate in each of us. One can quite easily distinguish the creativity and distinct mannerism of dealing in different situations through his passion that rings in the minds of the audience long after the movie have come to an end.

His life was indeed a dream come true, today the same dream is shared by his son who will now carry the legacy of his father through his acting.

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