How dumb of me? I am still begging for someone who has gone from my life and never wanted to come back.
We win in love and lose in love, maybe after love during longingness and loneliness. It is the story that was written while thinking of incomplete love on valentine’s Day!
We took an oath, not to share anything of our relationship with anyone. Sadly, I was betrayed and been in denial ever since. Everything was out; all my friends knew everything. Out of the blue, I was the only villain of the story, and my friends were judging me.

But, I don’t care now, and nothing matters herby.

“When it rains, you got to feel the rain.
When it snows, you go to play the fluff.”

Yes, we had fun, but I was who loved, and you pretended, and still, you won the HUMAN award. Thanks for your pretty tears.

I gave you a letter, the last letter. It wasn’t just a letter; it was a piece of my heart longing for you. You know how much I cried, and I know how much your tears are precious.

I hate rain sometimes and the sun sometimes. Both plays hide and seek with me.I’ll wait for what I desired heartfully. I am not ashamed of y soul’s desires. I respect them. The only glitch is the mood of the opposite person who doesn’t understand or empathize with my hurt feelings. Here comes our rescuer, our brain. It protects me from making bad decisions that hurt others.

The fight continues with blame, denial, rejection, hatred, complexity, guilt, and idle brain.

Life continues, and I resist every word from LOVE to LUST.

I spoiled the morning.
I spoiled a friendly meet.
And spoiled the day.
Here I am spoiling my life, and of course, you did nothing. I am still feeling the same as I did last year. How dumb I am and how wrong I am? I am feeling still the same.

Hasta la vista.

I. P.  Tarun – Our storyteller and writer

Tarun is an Indian Poet and Author of “oh Kinjal!” – Which is about to release. He belongs to Hyderabad with a bachelor’s degree. He has worked as a content writer for a few start-ups during his initial days of career. Right now he has a firm of his own, yes he is an entrepreneur. With his passion for writing, he believes in infotainment and contentment and is looking forward to eternal life by authoring books!

You can drop him a “Hi” on his Instagram page.

Our editor – Deepti Chawla

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