Celebrity Guru : Dr. Pravin Patel 

“Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Yes, this is true, my dear friends!

We are introducing to you an enthusiastic personality who truly believes in every word that is mentioned above! Meet Dr. Pravin Patel, also known as Dr. PPP, in his wide circle of friends & fans.

Celebrity Guru : Dr. Pravin Patel

Dr. Pravin Patel is a Celebrity Guru, an author, a public speaker, and a marathon runner. Dr. Pravin Patel is also a practicing Psychologist and a Homeopath who runs a clinic in Toronto, Canada. He is the author of the award-winning book “You Are The Celebrity.”

According to Dr. Pravin Patel, we are all a celebrity too. Once we celebrate our talent, we can bring out the very best in ourselves. It is indeed the true essence of Pravin Patel’s philosophy through his book, “The Celebrity Guru.” According to him, all we need is to focus on our goals.

“Nothing is impossible if we dare to achieve our goals.” Says Dr. Pravin Patel with a confident smile. 🙂

Dr. Pravin Patel’s roots & his country of origin  

Dr. Pravin Patel is also known as a Canadian Indian. Currently, he lives in Canada, but his heart belongs to India. To date, he has spent 23 years in Canada. He studied medicine from the East and homeopathy from the West. Presently, he is the president of a Homeopathic clinic in Canada.

Dr. Pravin Patel’s philosophy of life

Dr. Pravin Patel wants to share a simple yet basic philosophy of one’s life. According to him:

“Believe in your wildest dreams. Don’t let anyone steal your DREAMS. Live your life to the fullest. Find out your WHY. Do what you LOVE to do. You are the secret to your SUCCESS”.

Further, Dr. Pravin Patel adds: Always remember this mantra: Purpose+ Passion+ Massive Action= SUCCESS. So, it’s time to go and explore your passion!

Among many of his achievements, Dr. Pravin Patel is also an author, a public speaker, a marathon runner, an actor, and a coach, in addition to being a loving humanitarian too.

To add a feather to his cap, Dr. Pravin Patel is a Guinness World Record award-winning author of six beautiful books. He also connects his achievements to the grace of God and with the blessings of everyone. It is Dr. Pravin Patel, a genuinely humble & down-to-earth person for you!

Dr. Pravin Patel receiving the award

About Dr. Pravin Patel’s journey of life

“You are the Celebrity” – is the first award-winning book written by Dr. Pravin Patel. Apart from this, he is also a marathon runner who ran not just one but eleven marathons in a lifetime till now. In addition to it, he is the Himalayan guru who set himself the goal of climbing one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas by 31st December 2020! Absolutely amazing!

Dr. Pravin Patel’s dynamic personality

Dr. Pravin Patel is a confident, energetic self-starter, in addition to his strong communication skills. He is also an innovative person who believes in uncompromising work ethics.

Few words for you by the inspiring Dr. Pravin Patel

Sharing with you a few motivating words by Dr. Pravin Patel. Read on –

“If a celebrity guru can write, so can you! If a marathon runner can run, so can you! If a Himalayan guru can climb, so can you! Life is a movie, and you are the celebrity. Life is also a celebration, and you are the celebrity. Life is a marathon, and you are the marathoner. Life is also a book, and you are the author. Life is a mountain, and you are the mountaineer”. Dr. Pravin Patel truly believes that you can do, just as he did!!!

Further, Dr. Pravin says, so live your dreams to the fullest. Do what you love to do. Just do it Now. Don’t let anyone steal your dreams, ever!

In his childhood also Dr. Pravin Patel’s dream was very different, he wanted to become a pilot, but his father wanted him to become a doctor. He loved mathematics, so he thought of becoming an engineer, but his father didn’t let him live his dream. After that, in his medical hostel, too, he faced a lot of difficulties. It is the reason he also advises us to live our dreams and not that of others.

Nothing is indeed served on your plate because you have to work for it, shares Dr. Pravin Patel. In his life, Dr. Pravin did face some drawbacks also. But overcoming his failures & hurdles, Dr. Pravin is indeed an inspiration for one and all!

Celebrity Guru : Dr. Pravin Patel - a Guinness World Record Award-winning author

A true achiever – all about Dr. Pravin Patel

Dr. Pravin Patel has been a Guinness World Record Award-winning author for six books till now. He has also completed running 11 marathons so far. In addition to this, he has served in the Canadian Army as a field engineer. Not to mention, he has climbed the Everest mountain in the Himalayas too.

Dr. Pravin Patel has met hundreds of celebrities and inspired many hundreds more. He has met over 1000 Bollywood celebrities & Hollywood celebrities, international cricketers & tennis players, famous politicians, celebrity entrepreneurs, award-winning authors, celebrities from the positive mental attitude field. Above all, Dr. Pravin Patel has been a best-selling author of his time – in the Canadian list and on the International list.

In conclusion to his achievements Dr. Pravin Patel says: “There is no LIMITATION to What You Can Achieve If You Can Believe.” Truly he lives his words.

Dr. Pravin Patel’s Award-winning books: A list for you…

-Dr. Pravin Patel’s first book is “YOU ARE THE CELEBRITY How to become famous”?
-Dr. Pravin Patel’s second book is “MAGNETIC ENTREPRENEUR A personality that attracts.”
– Dr. Pravin Patel’s third book is “MAGNETIC ENTREPRENEUR MASTERMIND Breaking Free.”
– Dr. Pravin Patel’s fourth book is “MAGNETIC ENTREPRENEUR Celebrities Keeping It Real.”
– Dr. Pravin Patel’s fifth Book is “MAGNETIC ENTREPRENEUR World- Renowned.”
– Dr. Pravin Patel’ss sixth book is “MAGNETIC ENTREPRENEUR COVID-19 LOCKDOWN”.

The journey from a Doctor to an Author – This is Dr. Pravin Patel’s journey

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

Friends, this is true even in the life of Dr. Pravin Patel. Here’s an interesting incident from his life for you to draw inspiration from. Read on.

Once when Pravin was in his late teens, his father came to meet him. Coincidentally at that time, Pravin was writing his autobiography. He went ahead and showed his father the autobiography he wrote. After reading his autobiography, Pravin expected his father to praise him and commend his work with a tap on his back. Instead, his father told Pravin, “Your work is good, but you should make your life this way, my son so that people write about you instead of writing yourself.” It was the stepping stone to Pravin’s journey from a doctor to an author!

Later on, Pravin took a book-writing program to achieve his dreams of penning a book about sharing his thoughts with the world. “To become a doctor, one needs to study medicine, same is for becoming an author.” – says Pravin.

Dr. Pravin paid for this program, and soon, his book got published

Further, Dr. Pravin is such a great person who leaves no chance to be grateful to his mentors.

Dr. Pravin’s Book – “You are the Celebrity” was published by Raymond Aaron. While taking the book writing program for the first three days, Pravin learned and practiced these eight words “I am the author of my upcoming book!“.

Indeed, words are so empowering and motivating, which boosted him more and changed my life. – shares Dr. Pravin. Soon, he saw his book published in front of his eyes!

The gist of his first published Book for you

“YOU ARE THE CELEBRITY How to become Famous”?

“You came to the womb of your mom as the celebrity out of several hundred million sperms. Yes, you are the celebrity.” – says Dr. Pravin.

Meeting with massive success from his first book soon gave Dr. Pravin Patel the motivation to publish his second book. Dr. Pravin’s friend Robert J. Moore published the book – “The Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc.” in a book series. Dr. Pravin openly acknowledges Robert’s contribution to his journey as a successful author!

Such an amazing, loving & truly humble soul – he is Dr. Pravin Patel for you!

Dr. Pravin’s mission :

“To awaken the celebrity within you,” – this is my mission, vision, passion & purpose of my life – shares a confident & radiant Dr. Pravin.

Magnetic Entrepreneur

Storyofsouls.com is truly honored to have Dr. Pravin Patel with us

True happiness comes to those who dare to live their passion, no matter what anyone else tells them”. In conclusion to this beautiful write-up by her, our storyteller also has a few heartfelt words for Dr. Pravin Patel, sharing ahead with you.

“I write so many stories, but this story comes from deep within my heart”. Indeed, I feel so glad and honored that I got the opportunity to write about Dr. Pravin Patel. He is full of enthusiasm and motivation. A word in Hindi that suits him best is “JINDA DILLI”. While working on this story, I enjoyed it to the fullest. In addition, his interviews are very motivating and satisfactory. When a person gets successful, his personality changes a lot. But he is a person who was the same before writing, in the process of writing, and after getting famous too. However, his positive attitude makes me admire him. I also feel he is such a sweet-spoken person and very down-to-earth too. Truly glad to see such personalities who talk about AMAN SHANTI all over the world.” 

I want to say to all my valuable readers to like, subscribe and share his interviews so that each one of us feels motivated to live our dreams as he did. You can also buy his books from Amazon. Apart from this, he also offers coaching classes for those interested in making their dreams come true.

So Friends, go ahead and check out Dr. Pravin Patel’s website: http://youarethecelebrity.com


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