How to maintain Love after marriage in relationship 

“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life” – Abraham Maslow.

Sometimes, time and set patterns that we form in this time take their toll on relationships, and one find it hard to change habits and bring the spark back, which had kept the connection alive for so long.

Changing this pattern in your relationship takes knowledge, action, and, most importantly, courage. Even when we are hurt and want things to change, emotional pain can prevent us from doing something different. We feel that it is just a lot easier to defend ourselves than to feel vulnerable again, or better, trying to avoid the conflict.

Either way, there is a power struggle that happens in our relationship; more often than not, one person is trying harder than the other to “fix” things. Things get so complicated that we start fearing that if we let go of this power struggle, either the other person will “win,” or we will feel disempowered.

This power struggle is exhausting and takes all our energy anyway!

We end up feeling hopeless, almost sure that things have gone out of hand. Even if one is very committed to the marriage or the relationship, he/she might feel lonely and miserable, hoping that things change but knowing deep down that they won’t.

If you were asked to illustrate your marriage in a single word, what would you say? Energizing? Satisfying? Empowering? Or would you go with the poles opposites? Exhausting? Dismal?

Or would you yawn?

Exhaustion often indicates that fatigue has started to creep into your marriage. If you don’t work on it soon, it can do a considerable measure of damage to your relationship!

The truth of the matter is any marriage, no matter how marvelous it was in the beginning, can get to be distinctly exhausting. If in case you decide that you couldn’t care less, your marriage becomes a liability, which you need to get rid of as soon as possible.

Why does this happen, you ask?

All of us give our relationships additional time and consideration in the beginning when things are new when they are original. When this originality dies, so does our energy.

Relational unions get to be distinctly exhausting when we quit investing time and vitality in our association with our mate, when work, or children for that matter, becomes our top priority. Eventually, you stall out in a “one-dimensional” marriage – where you eat suppers together, rest in a similar bed, have intercourse, and discuss what the children are doing in school – and this will undoubtedly leave you with an exhausting relationship.

In any case, here’s the arrangement – you’re not going to get that dedication and sentiment of satisfaction back in your marriage unless you take a shot at it. The truth of the matter is, energizing, satisfying, and glad relational unions don’t only happen – they’re made.

Things being what they are, how would you manufacture a happy marriage and keep your marriage energizing – not exhausting? How would you recover that science? Here are five keys to help you improve that spark and energy into your marriage:

Put each other at the highest priority

Move each other to the highest point of your schedules, just beneath your affection for God. You should make getting to know each other a need, just like you did when you were first dating. We are stunned at what number of individuals becomes tied up with the possibility that “quality time” with their companion and youngsters is adequate. Quality time is a myth. You require so much time before you can even begin appreciating the good quality time.

Admit to each other

Uncertain offenses obstruct a wide range of closeness – passionate, physical, and otherworldly. We know this from our understanding and from conversing with many couples whose adoration had gone cold. Attempting to draw near while those damages remain as they resemble trying to leap a 100-foot divider. It won’t happen!

Get to know each other, once more

Most men disclose to me that they were much more fruitful at associating with their spouses before marriage or before kids. Also, numerous ladies answer that as family obligations and difficulties mount, they forget about their spouses’ most real sincere needs. Recovering the delight in your relationship requires that you become familiar with your life partner once again.

Re-examine your reasoning

You probably know somebody who is always negative, who dependably looks for the dull side of everything. Regardless of whether the subject is work, church, or life partners, that individual notifies imperfections and disappointments all over. What tapes would you say you are playing again and again in your psyche about your companion? Will you change the way you consider him? Totally! We trust that it is conceivable to experience passionate feelings for once more, and you need to do just two things: Fall in love again with your companion and control your contemplations. Change the concentration of your reasoning to the qualities that made you look all starry eyed at your mate.

Recover sentiment and physical closeness

Sex is a part of this, however much more essential is ensuring that your life partner feels loved. Is it accurate to say that you are as of yet have a great time? The requirement for out and out “fun time” is vital. Choose with each other what fun time looks like for you two, and then arrange it. Harmonize amidst this fun time; be casual and energetic with each other. It is not an opportunity to manage issues. Give your life partner a chance to rediscover you and connect, or shall I say, reconnect you with joy.

Follow these steps to recover the satisfaction of being attached and figure out how to applaud your relationship. As you do that, you’ll begin to look at your mate, all starry-eyed, once again!

Here’s to a successful marriage, the one that took not only love but also a lot of courage. We hope that this write up will help in recreating Love after marriage in relationship.

Veeresh M. Biradar (INDIA)
Veeresh M. Biradar is a young Public Health Leader and Researcher. Who works for the development of the Indian Health system by providing technical support to the government counterpart of India.
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  • Snehashrivastava
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    Ohh,,very true & fabulous lines you wrote… ✍✍👍👌
    Really 👐
    No road is too long with good life partner..👫

  • Jamuna
    Posted June 4, 2017 at 2:34 pm 0Likes

    Good one. Giving priority to your partner is such an important thing in a relationship. Well said.

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