Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta saar corporate world

To stand up as a successful entrepreneur, one is always willing to learn new skills to manage the business but somehow forget about our history. One needs guidance and support to stay motivated. There is a lot to learn from our mythological history. One can inherit both positive and negative aspects from the teachings of the Holy books like Bhagwat Gita and Gods for enhancement of the business, to coordinate with clients and employees, to manage the accounts, and more in Corporate World.

The teachings of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta saar corporate world enable one to be firm and dedicated to work. This life is a play and we all enact the role of a worker – be it at home, in the office, or in an organization. The part we perform should be prepared with full dedication. As per the teachings in Gita, one should put in heart and soul in his work and leave behind the fear of failure. Gita’s term for dedication is Vyavasaya Buddhi, i.e. whatever you do, do it from within your heart.


Here follows a story that firstly goes against the teachings of Lord Krishna but steadily comes back on the right track. The story shows how the life of a corporate person could be muddled through the verses of the Holy Book.

A man with great desires and aspirations moves on intending to be a successful entrepreneur. His sight was on the sugary fruit that he will reap and not the means that he needs to follow. Whatever, the path he may follow, be it just or unjust, his only and the only aim was a successful work life.


Bhagwat Gita


Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta saar Corporate World:

Adhyay 2 Shlok 47


“Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana,

Ma KarmaphalaheturbhurmaTe Sangostvakarmani.”


Accepting the above verse into his life meant that he should continue doing his duty without the desire of the result. It is better to not keep on expecting the fruit all the time rather keep working with complete dedication. But this man worked only for the fruit. He wanted success at any cost. He adhered to his unfair means and in a short span, grabbed the position where he wanted to be.


Nevertheless, he could not attain peace of mind, respect from his inner self. Moreover, the deeds he did kept on flashing in front of him throughout his life and slowly and gradually ruined his state of mind. He started leading a life full of anger and self-hatred; anger, which caused delusion. In turn, he started losing his memory, and loss of memory caused destruction in discrimination and finally, he perishes. This is what has been taught by the below-mentioned verse of the holy book.

Bhagwat Gita in Corporate World


Adhyay 2 Shlok 47


“KarmanyeVadhikaraste Ma PhaleshuKadachana,

 Ma Karma PhalaHeturBhurmaTeySangostvaAkarmani”


In other words, this Shloka means you are entitled to perform your duties despite thinking about its results. In this verse, Lord Krishna explains to Pandava’s son Arjuna about his obligation to fight against evil. When Arjuna was mentally not ready to fight against his cousins, then Krishna reminds him of his duties. He said that a person is not at all the cause of any result.


One needs to do his duties and forget about fruits reaped later on. This man valued the relationships more than anything else that turned out to be a hurdle in his path to success. He experienced betrayal. He was forced into thinking that diverting to using unfair means to reap results does no harm. However, as time passed, he comprehended with the fact that relationships should be valued only up to the point that it does not affect you personally.



“Krodhaad bhavati sammohah sammohaat smriti vibhramah,

Smritibhramshaad buddhinaasho buddhinaashaat pranashyati”


Anger is the root cause of one’s demise. A person who gets angry soon, gradually, moves nearer to his grave. One can come over vexation, by staying quiet, calm, and shadowing the fair path. Our duty on this planet is to work, work, and work and enjoy the juices of work on the way. The key is to just cease the thought of the future and concentrate on the beauty of work. Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta saar corporate world is the most vital aspect.


Somehow, this man started coming out of his anger and annoyance. He began to utilize his ill-earned finances for fair things. To overcome the guilt that he was surrounded with, now, he wanted to do work with which his conscience agreed with. The money earned by blindfolding your conscience goes all in vain.


Additionally, the deeds we do, the Karma we do, never let us go. We endure what we do. There is a very famous saying, “As you Sow so shall you Reap”. Our karmic account is very transparent. Whatever we do definitely comes back to us someday – be it good or bad. And the same happened with this wise man. He changed his track and started trekking the mountain of his career from the bottom. Now, he aimed to climb the stairs of his life with full enthusiasm and live every moment. As the future is opaque, no one can ever predict it except the creator.


Subsequently, the standard of his life, as well as his state of mind, improved.

bhagwat gita

“Tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara,

Asakto hy acaran karma param apnoti purushah”


The aloft verse means one should perform his duty regardless of worry about the results. Without being attached to the fruit, the supreme could be attained. A business can stay healthy by working in harmony. But if relations become a part of business, the fear of overpowering leads to the desolation of relations. It is all due to the lust and fame that a person feels lonely. Additionally, he loses the better part of himself. This is what had happened in the epics of Mahabharata. The greed of the kingdom and empire by Dhritrashtra’s son Duryodhana, enforced him to kill his conscience and spark a war.

“Kaama eshha krodha eshha rajogunasamudbhavah,

 mahaashano mahaapaapma viddhyenamiha vairinamh”


A person’s greatest enemies that are never contented are desire and anger. These are born out of passion and continue till a man lives. So, to have control over one’s desires has is mandatory to lead a satiable and fulfilled life. This man learns with the time that desires and anger can be handled in a way that must maintain your positive conscience in every situation.


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