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For the longest time, women’s primary role has been restricted within the four walls of the kitchen. Their aspirations saw the light of the day only after the approval of the men in the family. This story comes from the pen of one such woman who sheds light on the grim realities of a woman’s life. The fictional piece reflects a woman’s dilemma between love and career choice. Read on to find what she ends up choosing.

More Than Friendship, Less Than Relationshipcareer or love

It was 2014 and I was pursuing an MBA degree. That’s when I first saw him – in the MBA Induction Class. He was a smart young man with spiked hair and I, a girl whose only priority at that time was to excel in her career. I couldn’t fall in love; I had my goals set. Nevertheless, we didn’t sideline love and named our relationship ‘More Than Friendship, Less Than Relationship’. It was the perfect name and for the next two years, we were grappled with confusion. Now that the matter of love means Woman sexual desires has been taken care of, the college topper began to work on materializing her dreams into a substantial career.

My Parents – My Role Models

It is said that we learn a million things merely by observing other people do them. During my childhood, my parents’ relationship defines what is loving, caring, and trusting bond. I grew up seeing them being there for each other and showering affection unconditionally. As clear as it may look, I viewed my relationship with the lens of my parents’ bond, thinking that I, too, would wake up to morning kisses and late-night, hand-in-hand walks. However, destiny had other plans.

From Chuckles To Quarrelscareer or love decisions

Fast forward to some years later, I completed college and got a job. He, too, relocated far away from my place and our relationship entered a rough patch. Love, care, and chuckles transformed into ignorance, disrespect, and quarrels. We weren’t the same anymore. I blamed myself. ‘Maybe I am not giving him enough space,’ I thought. He blamed me for us falling apart, and that was the final nail in the coffin. I accept that our relationship not working Woman sexual desires this is my fault. I trusted him so much that I ignored myself.

Cutting The Chordswhat to chose career or love

The emotional turmoil took a toll on my mental health. Nevertheless, my goals were still as clear as ever. I stood up tall and got back to work. Within a few months, I landed my dream job! There was no looking back then. I moved to Mumbai and started living alone. It had been days since we had last talked and he didn’t even try to contact me to see if I was alive; he had left. I was numb – I didn’t know how to react to a situation like that. In a new city, all I had with me was my own self. I felt weak; I broke down.

Two Choices

I slept through the looming ‘why’ for nights. But the answer was still amiss. After thinking through it, I realized I had two choices – one, to get answers from him; two, to move on and focus on my future that was still very much in my control. Going back to him looking for answers meant giving closure to myself but it also meant undergoing the trauma all over again. I did need answers but not at the cost of my sanity. Career it was, then.

Woman – A Unique Compositionhow to chose career or love

Blame it on the patriarchy or simply the unique ways women are wired in, women are bestowed with umpteen challenges on both personal and professional fronts. I have come across women who had everything – great academic scores and excellent creativity. However, they lagged because of the wrong decisions that fell their way. There were also women who gave up their dream jobs or businesses because they mistook prioritizing their partner’s wishes over their own. no one ever thinks of Woman sexual desires.

Choose Career, Love Will Follow

My experience with love taught me that women empowerment does not always mean getting powers upfront. At times, it means that we have to become our own leaders and supporters. We have to prioritize our needs and wishes over everyone else’s. We have to remember that our personal growth is our responsibility. And, once we have a career and financial security, we are ready to take on the world!



Our Storyteller:

Kavya Mukhija

Kavya Mukhija is a student of Psychology, a writer, a calligraphy artist, and a creative content creator. She loves traveling and exploring new places. Always dressed with a smile, she considers spreading happiness a good deed. Last and least, she is a woman with a disability who believes that more than the ‘disability’, it is the negative perception towards ‘disability’, which is disabling. Reach her at Linkedin ID.

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