The Seeker & Seeking is my lesson learned in life with the help of a Fakir. Isn’t it true that the most beautiful & adorable treasures of the world are actually embedded in the deepest levels of the ocean’s floor? Likewise, every person who comes into this world is on a wonderful journey to seek those invaluable treasures of life. Won’t you agree more?
The Seeker & Seeking
The real treasures of our life 
In our life’s journey, indeed the most beautiful and priceless treasures are embedded in the pain; the suffering, and the ultimate losses that we all endure. But these are the very experiences that make our journey of life truly something more!
I take the opportunity to share one such experience of my life with you – The Seeker & Seeking.
Friends, there was a time when life hit rock bottom for me; that time I discovered the three most beautiful treasures of my life.
In my opinion, life’s most valuable treasures I discover are:
Efforts put into action, Hope & Fearlessness of what’s to come, and finally, Positive visualization of my dreams.
In my quest for life’s wonderful treasures, I realize that the only journey worth taking is ‘the journey that is within me.’  But since I want to travel further,  I also did some homework to help me grow more & more.
My lessons learned in life with help of a Fakir
Working on myself
So I start cultivating the habit to hope; I stretch out with my efforts to make a difference to others and I think and act with positivity in every situation. I religiously do this in my difficult times and what I receive is truly a ‘miracle’ each time!
Friends, I take the privilege to share with you that the application of hope, efforts & positivity helped me transform my life in a truly step-by-step and beautiful way.  Most importantly, I met my Guardian angel (the Fakir) on my way, who protects & guides me in life’s every phase till today.
So even as I continue to embrace my Guardian angel every day, I want to remind you also to do the same when Time grants you the opportunity someday!
Wishing that may all your dreams come true…
Love… Alifia.
Our Storyteller: Alifia Olia 
Alifia Olia
Alifia Olia is a Senior Creative Writer and Communication Consultant based in Mumbai. Writing is her passion, and reaching out to youngsters through her words is something that she truly loves. She has written stories, feature articles & motivational writing. Her passion is to explore the opportunity to write for children and youngsters. Reach her at LinkedIn Id.
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