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In this Bhagwad Gita Corporate Spirituality – Part II, consisting of teachings from the holy book of Gita, we present to you an inspiring story about how to nurture your virtues so that success shall follow one naturally & gracefully!

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Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Mithu who was born & brought up in a spiritually inclined family. Her parents and grandparents taught everything to Mithu that they had learned from life’s experiences & struggles. This lovely child was named Mithu, as she herself was a true epitome of sweetness & softness.

Mithu’s name reminded her that she must not lose these gentle virtues with time. As her upbringing has been of a person with self-confidence, nurturing those positive qualities that all humans possess. She understood the importance of patience and perseverance.

Subsequently, Mithu grew up to be successful in most of her ventures in life. Do you think she did not fail? In the course of life, like most of us, Mithu also faced failure. The series of Spiritual life corporate world is possible.

So what was different about Mithu?

She learned to succeed by getting up each time to bounce back even in the face of failure. Mithu’s spiritual journey paved the way for her to become a successful entrepreneur.

This was the difference.

So why it is that only a few of us can recognize our virtues?
Bhagwad Gita SpiritualityIt is said, that the answers to most of our queries are in The Bhagwad Gita. In Mithu’s case, she was fortunate to absorb the divine lessons from her surroundings. She never read the holy book as it was already part and parcel of her life. But when she saw her colleagues and employees in despair, she decided to share her intrinsic knowledge with them.

In Mithu’s organization where she was working, it was not the professional knowledge that was missing, rather there was always an overflow of it. So Mithu took the plunge to share her wisdom with one and all. She became the Krishna and explained a few verses of Bhagwad Gita.

हतो वा प्राप्यसि स्वर्गम्, जित्वा वा भोक्ष्यसे महिम्।
तस्मात् उत्तिष्ठ कौन्तेय युद्धाय कृतनिश्चय:॥
(द्वितीय अध्याय, श्लोक 37)


From this Shloka, we can learn that in every situation we must present our best foot forward. There is no other option!

According to this Shloka, there is nothing more important than the job one has at hand.
While doing this job, if you succeed you are bound to get your appraisals and promotions. But what if in the bargain you are not able to meet the expectations of the top management?

Don’t dishearten at this point in time. Because you become the person who knows exactly what the management expects. Here the teachings of following Spiritual life corporate world comes handy.

Failure teaches that you will be the best guide for the rest of your colleagues on the floor. In this process, sharing your experience will help others to come out with theirs. Learn from each other.

It is easy to say than to do it. Isn’t it? We don’t feel comfortable sharing our failures. But here is where we need to improve. We need to open our hearts and express ourselves. We need to share our inhibitions; by doing so one will be surprised to see they are not the only ones struggling. Surely, then one will be at ease to realize there are challenges in everybody’s life.

यद्यदाचरति श्रेष्ठस्तत्तदेवेतरो जन:।
स यत्प्रमाणं कुरुते लोकस्तदनुवर्तते॥
(तृतीय अध्याय, श्लोक 21)

This shloka means that People follow true leaders.
According to this shloka, once you learn to tame your mind, you are looked upon as a leader. Never sabotage your confidence. Soon you will observe that other people will start following you. This happens when you have overcome your obstacles and have transformed into a successful and happy person. People around you get curious to know the secret and thus start to follow your footsteps. Remember to be helpful at that time. This is vital, not to lose the beauty of your soul while being on the path of success. One thing is sure to happen as you share your knowledge with the people, those who seek guidance from you. Your own knowledge and popularity among those around you will multiply as you share it. You can’t keep your wisdom in a locker.

Read books of self-healing, wisdom, and, honesty. Discuss your strategies with those who have knowledge. Keep learning from each other’s mistakes. Make sure your work and research are an example for others. Being a seeker you must ask questions. Keep your world bubbling with friends and information. Always remind yourself that you have the power to overcome any situation.

Learning from Mithu’s example we must understand that we are powerful. We can make a difference. Indeed, we are responsible for making things better for ourselves.

परित्राणाय साधूनाम् विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम्।
धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे-युगे॥
(चतुर्थ अध्याय, श्लोक 8)

According to this Shloka, all vices shall eventually meet their fate.

In the journey of life, we come across people who are seen misusing their power. Truly, it may even trouble us when we see favoritism, nepotism in the organization. But, we must accept the fact that these terms are a part of our growth. Once we accept this, we can easily surrender without waging a battle within ourselves. This also helps us to take appropriate action.

One can look at this situation in another way as well. We can stop and ask ourselves what do we do about it? Or we can wait for Lord Krishna to come and save us. I believe, that every organization whether it is big or small, needs a Krishna.

Indeed, Krishna is the goodness in us, it the warrior in us that asks us to bounce back. It is the divine energy in us that pushes us to fight for ourselves.

Did APJ Abdul Kalam have any godfathers?

None! His drive and passion led him to victory. He was a seeker of knowledge. Do you feel that he did not come in touch with such selfish and mean mentality people in his life, then you are mistaken for sure! Rather, he rose much above the powers that could govern him at one point in time. What were his weapons? Knowledge, hard work, and conviction. He did not waste time in cribbing about being born in an underprivileged family. He made the most of his inherent virtues. Under the Bhagwad Gita Corporate Spirituality – Part II

Friends, those who are wasting their energy in misusing their powers will be doomed, unfortunately. So don’t waste your energies on taking revenge. Do your karma and do it right. Investment in learning gets the best interest.

श्रद्धावान्ल्लभते ज्ञानं तत्पर: संयतेन्द्रिय:।
ज्ञानं लब्ध्वा परां शान्तिमचिरेणाधिगच्छति॥
(चतुर्थ अध्याय, श्लोक 39)

The Shloka means that we should be seekers.
Spirituality corporate seriesThe day we feel we know everything, we are ready to be doomed. Success and learning are two sides of the same coin. The person must always try and learn new things. Once we develop the art of being a patient seeker, we will never be stressed. Gaining knowledge and applying it with conviction form an important part of the teachings of Gita. Work towards enriching your knowledge, without being impatient. Truly, the fruits of gaining knowledge are rewarded sooner or later. Surely, your learning will never go waste.

Developing a habit to have patience while receiving the fruits of your efforts. Once you become a seeker to your quest in life you will find most of the things falling in place & on time. Keep your desires controlled, give yourself some time. Most importantly, keep the faith. Faith leads us to wisdom.

सर्वधर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज।
अहं त्वां सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा शुच:॥
(अठारहवां अध्याय, श्लोक 66)

The Shloka means to surrender to the divine.

Whenever things go out of hands or seem to be out of control, don’t worry. The only solution is to surrender. You may wonder how and where to surrender? At such a point in time, to surrender is to understand the essence of divinity. Some questions that you may ask are, is there a person who will come as a guiding light? Maybe, who knows until we surrender, we will not be able to know the source. But at the same time, we need to trust the process of change. What is the address of the divine? At times people survive big accidents due to divine interventions. I am sure most of us have personally experienced or at least heard of such incidents.

So, we need to accept the situation. The moment we understand that we are in a situation. followed by the next step and that is to go for the solution. There will be many instances where we can’t find solutions. This is the time to surrender. Accept the situation. You should be able to close your eyes and ask yourself “Have you given your best to solve this?’’ Ask yourself if you could do anything differently to get this going”? If you truly believe that you have done all that you could, this is the time you need to surrender. Go ahead and surrender to the fact that you tried your best and nothing else matters. Once you hold your head high and move on, you will be able to face all the criticism with a smile on your face. 🙂

Bhagwad Gita Corporate Spirituality – Part II series is brought to us by Bankim Purohit, while this article has been recreated for you by our expert team of writers. Just an effort to incorporate the Spiritual life corporate world.

Part one of this series can be read here.

Our Storyteller: Bankim Purohit

Bankim Purohit is an expert consultant with 20+ years of experience in various dignified industries including Healthcare, Wellness, Telecom, Education, etc. In a short span of time, he has worked on all the domains including Branding, Marketing, and Operations.

Purohit is presently involved in brand development and launch of the new labels in food products. Apart from this, he also has previous experience in the field of Wellness and Healthcare project development.

In his circle, Bankim Purohit is known for having an excellent record of Project acquisition.  He has achieved this level by involving himself in various aspects of project work right from conception to execution to evolution.

Truly, one can say that Bankim Purohit is an enlightened soul. We are sure that his simplified version of writing will help us in understanding Gita Path in a better manner.

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