Entrepreneurship means to keep on watering your venture 

gradually it will become a tree!

Introduction to Hats-Off Digital Pvt Ltd.

This entrepreneur story is of three young boys. With ordinary backgrounds, they dare to dream big. Begin with their journey in the old dumped, rented shop of their relative to an extent of having Fortune 500 clients on the list. Their story inspires entrepreneurs for sure. Rather than going to college, they started working for the clients in the market at a tender age. It is the vision to make it big one-day they took bold steps and entered Entrepreneurship.

What inspires us to cover their story is the fact that these three Musketeers have been able to float along with their team with flying colors. Be it a global recession or the lockdown they have a win-win approach for every situation. This makes entrepreneur story HatsOff Digital at Storyofsouls an interesting pick for our readers.

Some myths about Entrepreneurship

People say you should not start young in entrepreneurship and you should gain some corporate experience and you must have some buffer funds while you start your venture. There is also a saying that you should know your subject well but this story truly negates the above old school of thought!

What makes Hats-Off Digital different?

Shabbir Hussain Hatsoff founder
Hussain Habib Hatsoff cofounder

At Hats-Off Digital, they present their fresh approach and how they are able to do is it through the focus which they always keep on improving their own products and services. They are never bothered about what the market is offering to their clients. This is another great philosophy that young entrepreneurs must truly adopt. “To keep your focus on internal improvement rather than thinking what your competitors are doing.” – this is one of the golden tenets of success for a young entrepreneur, shares Hats-Off Digital company.

All about the Company’s beginnings…

Let’s introduce entrepreneur story HatsOff Digital Private limited. They are based in Pune, India while operating in Mumbai and Israel for new Business opportunities. The venture started as a casual discussion among three best friends. At that time, they were still in their tender ages. With big dreams, they started in the Digital field and kept on building their castle. Today, this castle is 9+ years old and has been doing phenomenally well in their domains. Presently ranked top in the SEO and Wikipedia services in India.

Hurdles and Challenges

With no formal or expert knowledge in this field, Hats-Off Digital started with zeal and passion in their hearts. Their failures became their learning and textbooks. They accepted setbacks with an open heart. When the vision is big, one should not bother with small concerns. Truly, the figures denote growth from 3 employees to 36 employees in the organization!

Office Politics, managing it beautifully- Hats-Off Digital 

Having three founders has its own challenges. When the team has access to all the three bosses to communicate with informal communication multiplies. To this, the founders’ reply, that we need to accept that the gossip will happen, you cannot remove it from the office environment. But yes, it is the maturity and the EQ level of the founders how to react and respond to it, is vital. Secondly, the trust among the founders is really vital.

Three Founders – Do too many cooks spoil the broth?

There are times when the founders have a solid fight with each other due to the projects and the approach to them.  “But it is after the fight, that we need to cool down and find a systematic approach to find the right solution.”- shares one of the founders.

Hatsoff founder
Taher Mandiwala Hatsoff cofounder

“The victory that ensues a right decision is dear to everyone,  but it is the losses that incur a wrong step that brings the utmost learning and truly have to be borne & accepted by all of us. Without adding grudges what is important is to look ahead and learn from the mistakes rather than keep blaming each other.”- says the founders at Hats-Off Digital company.

“In our case, to have three founders is a boon. We are a great help to each other, as we have divided our zones. We trust each other on the work assigned. This works wonders for us.” – shares the trio.

Starting from just one service today they have a wide range of Digital and Social Media services. Also, web-development and PR services are professionally worked upon. With having some renowned clients on their list they have come a long way.


About the Founders

Shabbir Hussain, is known for his creativity and ability to be a lateral thinker. His forte is connecting the analytical part of the left brain with the creative part of the right brain to give the perfect blend to the client. A keen eye for design is not all he is known for. Further his self-learned skill. The capability to conceptualize and strategize put him in the niche category of marketers. His knowledge was utilized at Nokia India in the past for sales and services.

Hussain Habib, has a deep-seated knowledge of scriptwriting, film direction, and photography. But he found his calling in the file of digital marketing. A graduate from IIT-Bombay and commerce honors from R.D. National College. Hussain’s business acumen is a class apart. His motto is to build and maintain a unique relationship with every individual – be it his team or client.

Taher Mandiwala’s magic resides in his ability to simplify intricate technology. His Midas touch can turn any website or Mobile application into a work of art. Search Engine optimization is another area of expertise for this tech-savvy individual. He aims to achieve a balance between technology and creativity without compromising on quality. In the past, Taher has worked with CISCO, Linksys, and Biz Catalyst.

Hats-Off Digital Lockdown stories

Shabbir Hussain Hatsoff founder
Shabbir Hussain Hatsoff founder

Lockdown has taught to be prepared for unforeseen situations. To timely adapt. Do not grieve and ensuring the show must go on! The staff at Hats-Off Digital has been working-from-home. The clients are the priority in any case. There is one positive change that can be seen during covid-19 i.e. almost all organizations have become digital. Their online presence matters. The business needs to go online will increase further. This is going to be the trend in the times to come. The new normal is to go virtual and has an online presence.

At this point, the pricing became vital. We decided to go smooth on our pricing and to help the brands and businesses. This turned out to be a better approach. As we have not lost our clients. In fact, “We have added few new clients due to subtle pricing”. – shares the Team entrepreneur story HatsOff Digital.


Take-home lessons from Hats-Off Digital for budding entrepreneurs

Wishing entrepreneur story HatsOff Digital a success in the years to come, here’s signing off with these lovely & encouraging words for you…

Be passionate about your work. Do what you love and be confident about the work you are doing. To stay honest and flexible is equally vital for all young entrepreneurs. Have patience and be a person with a human heart. Working with high EQ, which will work wonders in the times to come.

Yet another drummer entrepreneur story might inspire you to follow your heart at entrepreneurship!

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